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TV Review: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2, Ep. 12: Alpine Fields

In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Ep. 12-Alpine Fields and T:SCC in general, I do not really like it when Reese tells a story and it usually ends up being about him or Kyle. This has been happening more and more frequently. There are other people in the future whom these stories could be about. In general, concerning the future, I had been wondering when the machines would get around to using chemical or virus warfare against the humans. It was the ending to Alpine Fields that I saw coming a mile away, was commonplace and that made no sense. Lauren (Samantha Krutzfeldt)’s mother, Anne (Rebecca Creskoff), has just died, her father, David (Carlos Jacott), is dead and now she has a new born to take care of. Instead of staying under the protection of Sarah Connor, Reese and a Terminator, she decides to take off with most likely little-to-no money, no home and with the threat of more Terminators coming after her sister. WTF! She has no experience raising children. The baby will need tons of postnatal care, food, supplies, etc. Why leave people that know what you are going through and that can protect you? It’s very simple. The people behind Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles did not want to expand the cast of the show so they wrote in the trite Star Trek episode ender (the person leaves, is killed or something in inexplicable happens so they are not there anymore) prevalent in so many of that series and others’ episodes. It they do not want to organically expand the cast like in The 4400, fine but do not have people leave making the most unbelievable, asinine choice possible in a situation that even a back-birth would never make. And why would Reese let somebody so vastly important to the future of humanity walk away, unprotected? He only left her for maybe three minutes to talk to Sarah, meaning Lauren was potentially only three minutes away. Why did he not run after her and find her? By default he is responsible for the protection of the virus’ cure and he knows it. BS!

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