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THE 100: Season 3, Episode 5: Hakeldama: TV Show Trailer [The CW]

Marie Avgeropoulos The 100 Hakeldama

TV show trailer for The CW‘s The 100Hakeldama. So that thing, that the last episode left us hanging on threatening to happen? Let’s just imagine it already happened. We imagining it having happened? Good, ‘cause it’s as good as happened, already. The trailer to episode 5, ‘Hakeldama,’ is less concerned with will-they-won’t-they spoilers, as it is with the aftermath. Specifically, there is Clarke & Lexa (Eliza Taylor, Alycia Debnam-Carey) – fresh off their own near-miss – finding no rest for the war-weary, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) finding another straw where the Camel’s back used to be, and Indra (Adina Porter)… aw, hell, Indra….

On the Arkadian side of things, the word of the day is recrimination, with the no-sh*t-Sherlock award going to Bellamy (Bob Morley). Pike (Michael Beach), on the other hand, seems too happy going full blown Manifest Destiny – whistling along to Dave Mathews’ ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ – to listen. Meanwhile, original antgonists, Jaha & Kane (Isaiah WashingtonHenry Ian Cusick) reunite in time to talk destiny – although I doubt the T-Monk has a destiny in mind that Kane could fully get behind.

Jaha & Murphy’s (Richard Harmon) fates have been tied since mid-season two; so Murphy does show up – just don’t expect him to be part of Jaha’s triumphant return to the Ark show. The Red Queen has entered the building.

‘Hakeldama’ also stars Paige Turco, Lindsey MorganDevon BostickRicky WhittleChristopher LarkinLuisa D’Oliveira, Erica CerraSachin SahelJarod Joseph, and Brenda Strong. It airs Thursday, Feb. 18, at 9pm EST, on The CW.

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