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THE 5TH WAVE (2016) Movie Trailer: YA-Novel-Turned-Film Starring Chloë Grace Moretz

The 5th Wave trailer

The 5th Wave Trailer. J Blakeson‘s The 5th Wave (2016) movie trailer stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Ron Livingston, Maggie Siff, and Liev Schreiber. The 5th Wave‘s plot synopsis: “In the new film The 5th Wave, four waves of increasingly deadly attacks have left most of Earth decimated. Cassie (Chloë Grace Moretz) is on the run, desperately trying to save her younger brother.”

It seems that any young movie star is looking for a young-adult property to sink their teeth into, as they’re pretty successful safety nets for an actor’s cache. If this works out for Moretz, she’ll likely be in two sequels, make up to a billion dollars with this ‘franchise’, and be able to continue working on projects that pique her interests. That’s the hope, at least – this trailer is not very inspiring, and could absolutely result in only this one, mediocre film. Besides all that, how does the movie look?

Well, I adore science-fiction, dystopia, and am always ready for alien invasions to happen on-screen, but this left me rather disinterested. It seems fairly familiar, a love triangle, a family torn apart by war, the zealot military leader, etc. What do you guys think?

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Sources: Slashfilm, IMDb

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