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The A-Team (2010) Movie Trailer

The official The A-Team (2010) Movie Trailer has been released. Previously, only the bootleg of The A-Team (2010) Movie Trailer and the first official The A-Team (2009) photo were available. I like how B.A. Baracus (Quinton “Rampage” Jackson) is broken out of the military prison transport. How he knows to grab onto that door at that instant is another issue. I bet Hannibal (Liam Neeson) planned it and got him a message some how. I was unaware that Jessica Biel was in the film as well. I wonder if she got into the same shape like she did for Blade Trinity for the film. We will have to wait and see I guess. The CGI tank and parachute sequence at the end of the movie trailer is of dubious quality but hopefully it works in the film. Check out the official trailer for The A-Team (2010) below and leave your thoughts on it. The A-Team (2010) opens on June 11, 2010.

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  • I agree the tank sequence is a little iffy, but just watchign that trailer made me all tingly. The casting looks on point and they hit all the right nostalgic notes. I can't wait until June.

  • I agree with the casting as well and heard the revamped theme in the background too.

  • Um, Sharlto Copley does not play black mohawk guy B.A. Baracus

  • Correction made. Thx Brian.

  • The trailer made me tingly too. Could be good, but I doubt I would go to theaters to see this one.

  • The Fugitive was a tv series made into a film and it was good. Hopefully The A-Team will be half as good as that.

  • I talked w/ my fellow A-Team nut and he thought the tank sequence works in the same vein of the show. Remember how over-the-top the old action scenes were? A hail of thousands of bullets and cars flipping and exploding yet not one person ever gets killed. It'll be interesting to see how far they take that aspect of the show.

  • Very true. No one ever got killed and the bullets hit the ground in front them or other objects.

    I hope the film is rated R. Please god let us have a rated R A-Team movie like the latest Rambo.

  • M Sparks

    I feel like a dork looking forward to this movie, but I have to say, for a nonsense 80s tv show, it got me hooked. I know it was over the top but it was a lot of fun to watch. i hope the movie keeps it fun and true to the series but with just a slight more believable story line. So far, the trailer looks great and the casting is awesome! Too bad, Mr. T or the other original actors couldnt be in it for real… maybe they do a cameo in the movie somewhere. LOL.

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