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THE COLDEST CITY: John Wick Directors Adapting Graphic Novel

Leitch And Stahelski Slated To Adapt Graphic NovelJohn Wick directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are set to direct the upcoming spy/thriller film, The Coldest CityThe Coldest City is based on Antony Johnston’s graphic novel of the same name, and will have a budget in the $30 million range. The film, scripted by Kurt Johnstad and starring Charlize Theron, will begin shooting this October.

Hollywood studios love to keep playing a hot hand, and right now, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are on fire. John Wick was the low-budget action film equivalent of The Little Engine That Could. John Wick was an underdog success story that stormed through theaters, grabbing boatloads of money and attention. Naturally, every studio-exec worth their salt descended upon Leitch and Stahelski, offering to sell their black souls for the duo’s new found hit-making recipe.

Right now the duo have a to-do list longer than John Wick’s body count. Leitch and Stahelski are currently working on Jurassic World, Captain America: Civil War, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Expendables and The Hunger Games franchises. This aforementioned workload is in addition to their intentions of turning the John Wick franchise into an MCU style shared universe. Good thing that there is two of them.

The Coldest City Synopsis:

In The Coldest City, Theron, plays a super spy who springs into action after an underground MI6 officer is killed just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. She must find a list he was smuggling into the West to protect herself and the counter intelligence community. It becomes a game of double-crossing as agents play out global agendas.

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Source: Deadline

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