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Aug 15, 2013

THE CUB (2013) Short Film: Riley Stearns + Savannah Lathem get Primal

Alexis McGraw The Cub

The Cub Short Film. Riley StearnsThe Cub (2013) short film stars Savannah Lathem, Davey Johnson, Alexis McGraw, and Mandy Olsen. The Cub’s plot synopsis: “It’s the story of a five-year-old girl who reads at an eight-year-old’s level being turned over by her middle-class parents to a pack of wolves to learn ‘strength, self-reliance, and cunning behavior.'”

On The Cub and the plot’s evolution:

Where most short filmmakers use their precious little time to showcase wild effects or crazy camera moves, Stearns focuses on tension, humor and storytelling.

The girl is timid at first, clutching to her father’s leg, but as he says, “[Wolves] can smell fear,” so she woman’s up.

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Source: Imdb, Vice, Slashfilm