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THE DISASTER ARTIST (2016) Movie Image: James Franco is Tommy Wiseau

James Franco Dave Franco The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist Movie Image Released. If you’ve never heard of Tommy Wiseau or seen the hilariously bad The Room (2003) which has become a cult classic, of sorts replete with screenings all over the country with director, actor, alien from outer space Tommy Wiseau in attendance – please do yourself a favor and buy the film on DVD. I did this, years ago, and have masochistically inflicted it upon myself about ten times (this included solo viewings). I should warn you, watching this by yourself for the tenth time will make you grab lighter fluid and burn this fucking thing in the street while you jump on it just to make sure this piece of shit film is finally dead.

But check it out at least once!

In any case, the film is heralded as one of the worst, genuine attempts at filmmaking, of all time. An expose, of sorts, which chronicled the production of this film was written by co-star Greg Sestero, and became a bestseller. I haven’t finished the whole thing yet, but trust me, its absolutely hilarious.

James Franco jumped on the book rights and is now beginning production on the adaptation of this book, The Disaster Artist. I’m not sure what a good idea this is, having been entranced by Tommy Wiseau, to have him be depicted by anyone else. This could be a complete waste of time, or a masterpiece. Either way, I suppose, it’ll be interesting and enjoyable to see some of the moments from this book be played out.

For now, we have our first movie image. Here’s James and brother Dave Franco in make-up preparation.

James Franco Dave Franco The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist also stars Kate Upton, Seth Rogen and Josh Hutcherson.

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