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THE DRESSMAKER (2015) Movie Trailer: Kate Winslet Returns Home

The Dressmaker Trailer

The Dressmaker Trailer. Jocelyn Moorhouse‘s The Dressmaker (2015) movie trailer stars Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, Sarah Snook, and Hugo Weaving. The Dressmaker‘s plot synopsis: “A glamorous woman returns to her small town in rural Australia. With her sewing machine and haute couture style, she transforms the women and exacts sweet revenge on those who did her wrong.”

The Dressmaker looks like the sort of film my mother will watch with a few glasses of wine and chocolate before retiring to bed. Kate Winslet is always worth watching, in my book, so I might join my mom for this one. The only gripe I have is that this looks so familiar I feel I can predict the whole film while watching it. I’m sure Winslet’s character is neither a murderer (nor a lesbian), and I’m sure her return home to this small Australian town she left so long ago for a new life in the fashion world will provide successful, cathartic closure for her. Hell, she might even make peace with her mother, and make sure she knows she loves her. Maybe I’m talking crazy here.

Either way, this looks like a decent waste of two hours should you ever find yourself on a long plane ride or stuck on a couch with a chocolate eating, wine drinking real-estate agent called my mom.

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