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THE END OF THE TOUR (2015) Movie Trailer: Jason Segel is David Foster Wallace

The End Of The Tour Trailer. James Ponsoldt‘s The End Of The Tour (2015) movie trailer stars Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg. The End Of The Tour‘s plot synopsis: “A magazine reporter recounts his travels and conversations with author David Foster Wallace during a promotional book tour.”

When news hit that Jason Segel would be playing the famous and late David Foster Wallace in a film, some of my friends scoffed and shook their heads. I haven’t yet leaped into Infinite Jest myself, but I sensed an air of cynicism and disgust with Hollywood. Here they were, diminishing another great artist by putting on a bandana on a sitcom star and selling it as a heartwarming indie-drama. It seems like a near impossible task, to make a movie about the personality of an author. You have to read their work to grasp at what’s inside of them, and that may come across as fake or at least preposterously condensed on screen. As an avid Hunter S. Thompson freak, I’d scoff and shake my head too, if I heard that, say, Adrien Grenier was playing him in a biopic. As a non-DFW reader, however, I’m at least slightly intrigued by the tone of this trailer.

It’s been a while since Jason Segel showed off his more interesting, dramatic side in films. Jeff, Who Lives At Home was a welcome surprise, and I can’t help but root for the serious and emotionally exhausted high-school kid from Freaks & Geeks. The End Of The Tour sees Segel and Eisenberg on a road trip together, and fostering a dialogue between author and journalist. How well this translates to film, we’ll have to see. Ponsoldt is a great choice for director, as he turned The Spectacular Now into something more than it needed to be. That film had heart and naturalism in place of stock-indie beats that we’ve run through for decades. For now, all we have is the trailer, and for my money, it looks promising.

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Sources: Deadline, IMDb

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