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THE EXPENDABLES 3 (2014): Jason Statham Praises the Film & its Cast

Jason Statham The Expendables

Jason Statham has stated that The Expendables 3 will be the biggest action film of all time. The actor seems to be very optimistic and raises the expectations bar very highly for the third installment in the stellar action-packed movie franchise by acclaiming its breath-taking cast.

Jason Statham has recently made some very bold statements. One of them was his open message to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in which he demanded for the establishment of an Oscar award for best stunt-man. Now, he seems to be of the opinion that The Expendables 3 will be the biggest action film ever made. It is an interesting question whether or not the two bold claims are connected in some way. Regardless, Statham’s opinion should get your hopes up for the film since all that the actor means by his words is probably the fact that the third film is just stuffed with big action film stars.

Fans of the movie stars and of mindless action films would without doubt enjoy the films but let us not forget that we are talking about a simple action movie here and literally nothing more except the action stars. In terms of cast, the third film will be undeniably exceptional. There are at least ten landmark action film legends that rose to prominence throughout the last three decades. In comparison, the so-called guest stars of the first film included Mickey Rourke and the second film got Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris. Now, the third film will have Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes at the seemingly survivable expense of Bruce Willis.

Do not expect something special fromThe Expendables 3 but do expect the thrills of seeing so many legendary action stars sharing the big screen. There is no doubt that as long as there are uninvited legendary action film stars out there, there will also be a next installment in the pop-cornish franchise.

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