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THE FANTASTIC FOUR (2015): Miles Teller Promises Different Take on Series

Miles Teller

Miles Teller Says The Fantastic Four Will Be Realistic. With The Fantastic Four only a year away, fans have been wondering how the reboot will be. Well, Miles Teller, who plays leader Reed Richards spoke about how the reboot will be different from its predecessor.

During a promotion for his latest film Whiplash, Vulture caught up with Miles Teller and asked about what to expect from The Fantastic Four. For his answer, Miles said it would be “different in every way.” Miles added by stating that the film will be more realistic and grounded than the 2005 film. He also said:

All those actors were a lot older; their characters were in different places. The tone of this film is completely different: We don’t have Michael Chiklis in a big Styrofoam thing, and I think that [a more grounded approach] is what people are into — X-Men: First Class is doing that. You’re dealing with these characters but you’re making them real people in how they exist day-to-day. People wanted it to be taken more seriously than the kind of Dick Tracy, kitschy, overly comic-book world.

Miles was also asked if he was worried if superhero movies are at a saturation point. He responded by saying:

At the end of the day, it depends on the product.” He also mentions another Marvel film that recently became a success story in August. He said, “Guardians of the Galaxy was a really fresh take on it, I think people responded to that. In terms of where we are in the schedule, we’re playing the same weekend they were playing. But it’s a big summer: You’ve got Avengers [Age of Ultron], and my buddy [J.K. Simmons] is in Terminator, and you got Jurassic World. There’s a ton of movies out there, so if people have an appetite for it, they’ll see a couple, and if not, maybe they’ll just see one.

Hopefully the one he refers to is The Fantastic Four, which will release in theaters August 7, 2015. Will you be watching the film once it comes out?

Directed by Josh Trank, The Fantastic Four also stars Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell.

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