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THE FLASH (2014): The CW Spinoff May Imitate Arrow with New Vibe


The CW‘s The Flash to begin comic character cameos with Vibe. In the spirit of Arrow, which has amassed quite a line-up of DC comics characters in the course of its relatively short tenure, the upcoming Flash series is expected to showcase yet more source material appearances. First up: Cisco Ramon aka ‘Vibe.’ A lesser known character in the DCU, Vibe has served in the Justice League of America, where his abilities proved to have particular affects on the Flash, specifically.

About Vibe:

First appearing in Justice League of America Annual #2 (October 1984), and created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton, Francisco ‘Paco’ Ramone’s career as Vibe began shortly after Aquaman disbanded the original Justice League. When young Paco heard that a new Justice League was forming in his own hometown of Detroit, he decided to give up his position as the leader of a local street gang, Los Lobos, to join up. What made Ramone a candidate was his metahuman ability to emit powerful vibratory shock waves.

Vibe’s sonic powers enabled him to create shock waves of considerable strength. His power could shatter concrete or steel. His agility was above average (and he was a superb break-dancer). Under Batman’s tutelage, Vibe became a more skilled combatant

Vibe’s reintroduction in 2013 has sought to establish him as a more powerful character. Part of this was redefining his powers as having to do with interdimensional physics. Justice League of America establishes that Vibe’s sonic waves have the power to disrupt the Speed Force, making him one of few characters in the DC Universe who poses a serious threat to the Flash. For this reason, he is recruited into the JLA by Steve Trevor, which exists to guard against the threat of the main Justice League going rogue. In Justice League of America’s Vibe #3, Amanda Waller says “Cisco Ramon might be one of the most powerful super-humans on the planet. He wields vibrational powers that could in theory shake the Earth apart. And he’s the only person we know of who can find and track interdimensional breaches.” He is also undetectable by security cameras.

So far, only Cisco Ramon has been mentioned as a Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) cohort for the Flash series pilot. What comes of this may be determined by the kind of impression the character leaves, and how far removed The Flash will be from Arrow, regarding how it translates source characters to the series.

Vibe has had some history with Prof. Anthony Ivo, a DCU villain that has already been introduced on Arrow. Pending the outcome of Ivo’s role on Arrow, that connection could serve as an excuse to bring him to The Flash. Even if the two shows won’t share character values, ability wise, cross-over characters/ events certainly wouldn’t hurt with fans or overall viewership.

There is, as of yet, no casting information on who will be playing Cisco Ramon. The Flash pilot begins filming in March, 2014. In the event a series order is placed, as a result, The Flash is expected to join The CW’s 2014 Fall line-up.

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