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THE FLASH: DC Comics Character Eliza Harmon to Appear in Series [The CW]

Eliza Harmon

The Flash To Introduce DC Comics Character Eliza Harmon. Another speedster is about to join up with The Flash as DC Comics character Eliza Harmon will be introduced on the The CW hit series. The speedster known as Trajectory will appear in a future episode later this season.

Revealed on TVLine, the site reported that the TV version of Harmon will be an “exceptionally bright scientist” with a “split personality a la Jekyll and Hyde.” This is certainly a departure from the New 52 character as the series is going into another direction with the character.

In the comics, Harmon was given her superspeed by Lex Luthor as part of his Everyman Project, where he was giving a large number of people drugs to bring out their metagene in order to replace Superman when he disappeared after the events of Infinite Crisis. However, Harmon died shortly after, just like the rest of the subjects of the trial.

It appears that Harmon will be more of a volunteer for the Velocity 9 drug that Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) was developing despite Jay Garrick’s (Teddy Sears) warnings on their effects. A few survivors of the project ended up forming a Infinity Inc, a group that has ties to Earth-2, which season two of The Flash have been exploring. The team was lead by Natasha Irons, the niece of John Henry Irons who used to work at Amertek, a company who’s logo was seen in the background of The Flash’s season one poster.

Are you guys excited for another DC Comics speedster to join the ranks alongside The Flash? Who do you think should play Eliza Harmon?

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