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THE FLASH: Grant Gustin Discusses the Rest of the Season and Early Renewal

Grant Gustin

The Flash’s Grant Gustin Talks Villains and Season Two Renewal. Grant Gustin has been getting all kinds of praise from fans for his portrayal as The Flash. Well, the actor was able to spill some news about what’s coming for the Scarlett Speedster and his future.

Speaking with IGN, Grant Gustin provided some more information on the second half of season one as the public becomes aware that they have a protector in Central City. With this his reputation spreading, more villains will be coming after him, especially Reverse-Flash. Gustin first spoke about what will be next for Barry Allen after his defeat against Reverse Flash.

I think because of the talk that Barry has with Joe after that fight and everything, I think he’s not necessarily down on himself. I think he’s ready to move forward. Cisco has come up with new ways for Barry to train and Barry’s kind of refocused his energy on being ready for the next time and not really beating himself up too much for losing the first battle…he’s distracted by other villains coming in and other personal things in his life…He lost that battle with the Reverse-Flash but it’s not going to stop him. He’s going to keep moving forward and he’s going to be ready for the next time.

Speaking of villains, The Flash will be facing the return of Captain Cold, who has also brought in a new partner in the form of Heat Wave.

It changes things. It’s unexpected, first of all, initially. It does prove to be too much in some ways and Barry needs some help, some back up, and many more people are about to find out about the Flash’s existence and not just the rumor of ‘The Streak’ but that there is this superhero protecting the city. And that is because there is, as you saw, a very public battle that’s going to take place.

Gustin will also be fighting a new villain named The Trickster, which some of you may know will be played by Star Wars’ own Mark Hamill. Gustin went on to talk about sharing the screen with a legend.

It’s unbelievable, kind of…Mark Hamill, that’s kind of a different type of holy s**t, you’re one of the most legendary iconic characters of all time. So it’s really f**king cool and I’m really excited to meet him and his storyline has some really cool twists involved that are connected to his stint from 25 years ago on the Flash which is cool that we’re doing that nod. It’s really exciting.

It didn’t come to a surprise for Gustin when the show was picked up for a second season saying that it was expected with the recent success of the show.

I hate to say – it’s not like we expected it, but it’s also not surprising me, I guess. It’s why I was so excited to get to be a part of this early on. I knew it was a character that was long overdue, and that if they did the effects right, which seemingly they were going to do with early stuff they showed me… I’ve been excited since the very beginning because I knew that we had the potential for this type of success. We all feel really fortunate and I’m having so much fun. I’m just glad I get to do more of it. It all feels like one, big experience thus far.

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