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THE FLASH: Grey Damon Reflects On Playing Mirror Master [The CW]

Grey Damon The Flash Comic

Grey Damon Talks About Playing Mirror Master In The Flash

Grey Damon mused about portraying the villainous Mirror Master in The CW‘s The Flash in an interview with

As Damon revealed in his talk with CBR, he always was a fan of The Flash, so much so that he made it a goal early on in his acting career to play the Scarlet Speedster. Over time however, the actor realized that he enjoyed playing villains just as much, if not more so, than heroes:

There have been several incarnations of the Mirror Master in comics, television and cartoons. What research did you do for the part, and how did it influence your performance?

Obviously, there was David Cassidy in the original live-action “Flash” series. That was somebody I looked at because it’s always good to go back to the original. I went to comic book stores in Vancouver, and back here in Los Angeles. When I would go to them to do research, the owners had seen in the news that I had booked Mirror Master. They were nice enough to let me look at the old school comic books, the originals. Most comic book store owners have one or two versions of the original Mirror Masters because they are collectors. I did a lot of googling. I watched everything from the “Super Friends” version back in the ’60s onwards.

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