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THE INHABITANTS (2015) Movie Trailer & Poster: Another Haunted House Horror Flick

The Inhabitants Trailer and Poster

The Inhabitants Movie Trailer and Poster. Michael and Shawn Rasmussen‘s The Inhabitants (2015) movie trailer stars Elise CoutureMichael Reed and India PearlThe Inhabitants‘ plot synopsis: “A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they buy an historic bed and breakfast in New England only to discover that the old house is hiding a dark secret within its walls.”

I’m not sure if this trailer is completely inept (the weird red font, for example) or awesome in its disregard for modern trailer editing. There’s no sound over the sequences in this trailer, and it really adds an unease and eeriness to a lot of what we see here.

On the other hand, this could, again, be just another mediocre horror flick. There’s a past to this house, a girl lived there, somehow she’s back! How did this happen? Well, there’s a past to uncover, let’s find out! Hey, we just realized what’s happening, there’s probably five to ten minutes of movie left, let’s wrap up! Final scare!

I’m a cynical mess because I slog through far too many shitty horror movies. Let’s hope this trailer is indicative of all the good things in the final film, as opposed to the strange flaws found in this trailer.

Take a look at the poster before checking out the trailer below (I’m not sure advertising that you wrote The Ward is a smart thing to do):

The Inhabitants Poster

According to DreadCentral, “The Inhabitants was filmed on location inside one of the oldest houses in New England, which was home to the Salem Witch Trial children. The Noyes?Parris House (c. 1669) was owned by the infamous Rev. Samuel Parris, who was the father of Betty Parris and uncle to Abigail Williams, the two girls who made the initial accusations that led to the tragic witch trials that took place in Salem, Massachusetts.”

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Sources: DreadCentral, IMDb

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