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THE INTOUCHABLES: Bryan Cranston And Kevin Hart In Talks To Star

Bryan Cranston Kevin Hart

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart being considered for The Intouchables. The two stars are currently in negotiations to appear in the English-language remake of the hit French film.

The Weinstein Company, which is producing the film, is reportedly already in the later stages of negotiation with Cranston and Hart. The project has been on the company’s agenda for sometime now, with Academy Award-winning actor Colin Firth and Ghostbusters director Paul Feig both attached at different points before dropping out. It is rumored that the Weinstein Company is in talks with a director as well, with it expected the company will soon reveal the director’s name.

Released in 2011, the original French-language version of The Intouchables proved to be a critical and box office success in France and other countries:

The picture has long seemed prime for remake given it was huge internationally — where it grossed $416 million — but only $10 million domestic, a strong haul for French-language film but comparatively modest for such a crowd-pleasing story. TWC released the original domestically and got remake rights as part of the bargain. Feig was once going to make it his directorial follow-up to Bridesmaids, but he left the project after writing the screenplay about an aristocrat who, after being paralyzed in a hang-gliding accident, hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker.

The original film made a superstar out of Omar Sy, who has since gone on to make English-language appearances in X-Men: Days Future Past, Jurassic World and is also starring in Ron Howard’s Inferno opposite Tom Hanks.

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