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THE MUMMY (2017): Tom Cruise To Star In Reboot

Tom Cruise The Mummy

Tom Cruise cast in The Mummy. The three-time Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee will be playing the lead in Universal‘s remake of the classic horror film.

Cruise’s involvement raises the profile of the film significantly. The previous Mummy series was helmed by Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz and was a major box office success. It also spawned a spin-off series focusing on Dwayne Johnson‘s Scorpion King character, which also turned a tidy profit for Universal. The films’, however, were generally met with mixed response, with the later installments being subjected to particularly harsh criticism. With the last theatrical entry in the series having coming out in 2008, it seems that Universal decided the profitable franchise needed to be revamped to reflect  contemporary trends. It is probably for this reason that Cruise will star in the film as an ex-Navy Seal.

Prior to Cruise’s casting, the biggest name attached to the film was Sofia Boutella. Boutella’s most noteworthy credit so far is Kingsman: The Secret Service, where she played the intimidating henchwoman of Samuel L. Jackson‘s villain. The Mummy is a logical next step for Boutella, who has some very big shoes to fill after Boris Karloff’s legendary performance in the original 1932 film and Arnold Vosloo’s turn as the devious Imhotep of the previous series.

Directing the film is Alex Kurtzman, who previously worked as a producer on Ender’s Game and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and as a writer on J.J. AbramsStar Trek series, Watchmen, and Transformers. The script will be written by Jon Spaihts, who contributed screenplays for Prometheus and the upcoming Doctor Strange.

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Source: Comicbookmovie, Wikipedia

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