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THE NIGHT OF: TuneIn Screening and Q&A Audio [HBO, Tribeca 2016]

The Night Of Premiere Tribeca

Tribeca Film Festival Premiere and Q&A Audio for The Night Of. The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival along with HBO offered audiences an advanced screening of their new upcoming limited series, The Night Of. Following the screening, the cast and crew participated in a Q&A.

The Tribeca event started with a showing of the two-hour premiere of the crime drama, starring John Turturro and Riz Ahmed. The pilot focuses on a Pakistani American named Nasir Ahmed (Riz Ahmed), a simple college student from a hard working immigrant family. After a night of partying with a female stranger (Sofia Black D’Elia), he wakes up and finds her stabbed to death and gets arrested for her murder. John Turturro plays Jack Stone, Nasir’s eccentric lawyer who takes on his case and get him out of jail. The miniseries gives viewers an inside look at the public justice system through the eyes of the police, legal teams, and the accused.

After viewing the episode, NY Mag’s Matt Zoller Seitz moderated the panel as he talked with John Turturro, Riz Ahmed, director Steve Zallian, and author Richard Price about the must-see HBO limited series. The cast and crew spoke about adapting the acclaimed BBC miniseries for American television, including the changes they made from the original in order to cater American audiences. Zallian and Price also touched on the late James Gandolfini’s involvement with the series prior to his death and the journey into making the series since then. British actor Riz Ahmed discussed about his first experience shooting in New York and working on American television for the first time. The team ended the panel with discussing how the series has been a result of the growing popularity of miniseries in Hollywood.

To hear more from the panel, listen to it here:

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