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THE NUT JOB 2 (2017): Jackie Chan To Lend His Voice

Jackie Chan The Nut Job 2

Jackie Chan set to join the voice cast of The Nut Job 2. The Rush Hour and Kung Fu Panda 3 star will feature in the sequel to the 2014 animated film.

Chan joins a cast that already includes the likes of Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, and Maya Rudolph.

The original Nut Job proved to be a surprise hit upon release, garnering the biggest box office opening for an independent animated film in history and raking in over $120 million internationally:

The Nut Job 2 follows the adventures of Surly Squirrel when the evil mayor of Oakton decides to bulldoze Liberty Park and build a dangerous amusement park in its place. Surly and his ragtag group of animal friends need to band together to save their home, defeat the mayor, and take back the park.

His background in both comedy and action makes Jackie Chan the perfect fit to play Mr. Feng, the highly territorial leader of a gang of city mice. He may look cute and friendly, but beneath his fuzzy exterior lies a fierce and menacing master of Kung-Fu, and behind his big, but beady eyes, a weapon of mouse destruction bent on protecting his turf from any and all trespassers.

“We’re happy to announce the addition of Jackie Chan to the cast of ‘The Nut Job 2,’” director Cal Brunker said. “Jackie brings a unique voice to our movie, and it’s a real joy to be working with such a talented, award-winning actor and cultural icon.”

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