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THE TICK: Jackie Earle Haley Cast As The Terror [Amazon]

Jackie Earle Haley

Jackie Earle Haley signs on to the cast of The Tick. The Watchmen and Preacher actor will play a major villain in the upcoming Amazon series featuring the New England Comics character.

A veteran of comic-based productions, Haley is set to play The Terror, an aging criminal mastermind who appeared in both the comics and the 1994 animated series. In addition to acting in The Tick, Haley has also been cast in Sony‘s Dark Tower adaptation, which started filming earlier this week.

Haley is just the latest addition to the motley crew already assembled by Amazon for it’s new project:

Patrick Warburton, who headlined the previous live-action take on The Tick, is meanwhile attached as an executive producer for the new show. Also returning from the previous series are executive producers Ben Edlund and Barry Josephson. Edlund, who created The Tick, is also writing the new series.

Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Peter Serafinowicz leads a The Tick cast that already is set to feature Vinyl star Griffin Newman as accountant-turned-moth-themed-superhero Arthur Everest, while House of Lies‘ Valorie Curry will play Arthur’s sister, Dot.

The Tick was originally created by Ben Edlund in 1986 as a mascot for New England Comics. Edlund then brought the nigh-invulnerable justice seeker to life in The Tick’s own book two years later. In 1994, the first The Tick series came to television as an animated half-hour show which ran for two seasons and 36 episodes. All but two of those episodes have been released on DVD. However, citing “creative considerations,” “The Tick vs. The Mole Men” and “Alone Together” were omitted from their respective DVD sets.

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