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THE WALKING DEAD: Season 4, Ep 4: Indifference Spoilers, Trailer, Clip

Norman Reedus Chad Coleman The Walking Dead Indifference

The Walking Dead Indifference Spoilers, Trailer, Clips. AMC‘s The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 4: Indifference spoilers, TV show trailer, two TV show clips, have been released. The spoilers come form someone that has seen the episode or a screener of the episode in advance.

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 4: Indifference preview and spoilers:

• Expect to be scared : Daryl, Michonne and their friends are lost in the country, with no car, no supplies but guns and knives. Of course, they are badass killers so many walkers are going down but, some of them are quite scary and still dangerous. There is real danger for everyone out there. I jumped my seat twice at least watching it.
Also, Rick and Carol decide to take a trip to the city so they could grab food (they lost some in the block D) and some medicines (so Carol doesn’t have to kill everybody who is sick). Sure, they won’t be alone and peaceful much longer in this small town. Walkers are everywhere !

• Expect to laugh a little : I’m not saying much but watch out for the stairs !

• Expect to cry a little : One the scene is really peaceful and moving. It really shows the bond between those two characters and it’s quite touching. Specially when you think about that someone’s past and what happened to her. There is still hope in the apocalyptic world.

• Expect to be annoyed : One character turns out to have a Shan-y attitude. Remember Shane and how annoying he was in season 2, well, I think one of them is developing the same thing. He is reckless, stubborn, obsessed and angry all the time…. I’m not liking this, It feels like they done it before so we get it. Luckily, one of the characters makes a great speech to him, I’m sure it will help him change… Or he just gonna have to die like Shane did.

• Expect to be sad : One character dies and is eaten by walkers. It’s always disgusting and sad. Bye bye you

• Expect to be shocked : One character doesn’t make it back to the prison. It’s sad and heart breaking. I did not see it coming, it was a real shocker. and clearly I’m still not happy about it (I’m sure you won’t when you watch it too) but I will discuss that on my full review !

So, in a word, don’t misss the crazy episode of The Walking Dead. The season proves to be one of the best of the show. I had my concerns since it was a new showrunner but he found his peace and it clearly shows he knows he is doing and where he wants to go. And I’m following him where it takes me.

The characters keep on evolving, they are still surprising after 4 years and new survivors come to give new dynamics to the group. It’s really entertaining.

A Norman Reedus, Chad Coleman, The Walking Dead, Indifference image:

Norman Reedus Chad Coleman The Walking Dead Indifference

Norman Reedus Chad Coleman The Walking Dead Indifference

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Watch The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 4: Indifference TV show trailer, TV show clips below and leave your thoughts them and the spoilers below in the comments section. For more The Walking Dead photos, videos, and information, visit our The Walking Dead Page, subscribe to us by Email, “follow” us on Twitter, Tumblr, or “like” us on Facebook.

The Walking Dead – Episode 4.04 – Indifference TV show trailer


The Walking Dead – Episode 4.04 – Indifference – TV show clip 1


The Walking Dead – Episode 4.04 – Indifference – TV show clip 1

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