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THE WALKING DEAD: Season 4, Episode 13: Alone: Detailed Plot Spoilers

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The Walking Dead Alone Spoilers. AMC‘s The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 13: Alone detailed plot synopsis is spoiler-rich. This synopsis seems comes from someone that has already seen the episode in advance.

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 13: Alone detailed plot synopsis (spoilers):

The episode opens with a bearded and disheveled Bob, wandering aimlessly around before we see exactly how Bob joined the prison group he meets a week before the events of episode 4.01

Opening Credits roll

– We then come upon Maggie/Sasha/Bob standing back to back in the fog, battling walkers.

Spoiler Spoiler:

And it is fog, not the smoke from the cabin fire Beth and Daryl set at the end of episode 4.12. Bob appears to have been bitten during the fog scene, but next we see him, it’ is clear that the walker only bit the bandage over his wound so he is fine. The group then finds signs for Terminus and decide to head in that direction. Maggie is convinced that Glenn would go there. Sasha is reluctant.

– Daryl and Beth happen upon the cemetery and decide to head to the funeral home.

While tracking a walker, Beth has a slight ankle injury from stepping in a trap and Daryl gives her a kind of piggyback ride into the graveyard and they pause at a gravestone. It is an old stone and reads “Loving Father”. They take a moment to pay their respects and place flowers there. Upon exploring the funeral home, they find that it’s very clean and there is food and shelter.

Someone has been dusting the place and embalming bodies. The two decide to eat the food and wait to see who has been staying there. Daryl definitely appears emotionally lighter after the events of ‘Still’, having found some hope in the future and belief in people again.

– Maggie sneaks off from their little camp in the woods after overhearing Bob and Sasha saying they think Glenn is dead and that shelter needs to be their priority. As Maggie walks, she begins to leave messages about Terminus for Glenn in walker blood. Bob and Sasha go after her.

Spoiler Spoiler:

– Daryl and Beth explore the funeral home and relax a bit. There is a dog that keeps scratching at the door. Letting his guard down, Daryl decides to open the door and it turns out to be walkers. The walkers swarm the house and Daryl fights them. In the midst of the fight, Beth is kidnapped by someone driving a black car with a white cross in the rear window. It had been following Daryl and Beth as they sought shelter in the funeral home. Daryl runs after the car just in time to see her bagged, and the car speed away. Daryl attempts to track the car, but eventually gives up, sitting on the side of the road.

– Bob and Sasha go after Maggie, worried for her safety out there alone, but argue as they go. Sasha wants to find shelter, Bob wants to find Maggie and help her find Glenn. He asks Sasha why she is so convinced Tyreese is dead, because if he was alive he’d be at Terminus. He then suggests Sasha oesn’t want to find out either way. They later split up, Bob kissing her before heading down the tracks alone in search of Maggie.

But Sasha ends up finding her herself at a warehouse she shelters in. Maggie makes a plea to help her and they set off to catch up with Bob.

– Daryl meets up with Joe (Jeff Kober) and his buddies. Joe thinks Daryl is like them, a bow man. After a tense standoff between Daryl and the group, he decides to join them. A member of the group, Len, isn’t so welcoming, but Joe comes across more level-headed and wanting to take Daryl in.

– Maggie/Sasha/Bob reunite and continue down the tracks together.

– Final shot is of Glenn seeing the signs for Terminus

End Credits

The Walking Dead high-definition episode photographs:

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 13: Too Far Gone Images [AMC]

The Walking Dead: Season 3 starred David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Scott WilsonEmily Kinney, Chandler RiggsMelissa Suzanne McBrideAdam Minarovich, Dallas Roberts, Marvin Duerkholz, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Chad Coleman.

The Walking Dead: Season 4 other cast additions include Michael Cudlitz, Alanna Masterson, Christian Serratos, Vincent Martella, and Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

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