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THE WOLVERINE 3 (2017): Logan Set To Fight Villain Group

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Wolverine will face off against a formidable group of villains in The Wolverine 3. The titular mutant is set to contend with The Reavers, who also appeared in the Marvel comics.

There still remains much that is unknown about the film, however. Aside from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart reprising their respective roles as Logan/Wolverine and Charles Xavier/Professor X, no characters have been revealed until today’s announcement that The Reavers will be appearing in the movie. Several cast members, however, have been identified, with Boyd Holbrook and Richard E. Grant, who is set to play one of the villains in the project, both being involved in The Wolverine 3.

Other reports claim that there is a possibility that Liev Schreiber will return in the role of Sabretooth, although such claims cannot be confirmed at this time:

For those of you unfamiliar with the team, they’re a group of cyborgs (including the likes of Lady Deathstrike and Skullbuster) that are best known for their criminal activity, and their hatred of mutants. The site goes on to speculate that it could be Grant who is playing their leader, Donald Pierce. Beyond that, they throw out some theories that both the Hellfire Club or Essex Corp. could be the “global enterprise” backing them, but nothing beyond the fact that Wolverine will fight the Reavers appears to be concrete information as of right now. Regardless, this is an interesting choice of villains.

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