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Dec 26, 2011

TOKYO SPECIES (2012) Movie Trailer, Poster: Maria Ozawa, Nozomu Sasaki

Maria Ozawa, Toyko Species

Tokyo Species Trailer, Poster. Nozomu Sasaki‘s Tokyo Species (2012) movie trailer, movie poster star Maria Ozawa. Tokyo Species‘ plot synopsis: A girl seeming commits suicide off a bridge and is re-animated by a powerful evil force bent on coitus and procreation.

This is one demented movie trailer, low budget or no low budget. The egg scene is just wrong. I know Maria Ozawa has a “film career” in Japan but she with her unique look, she would have far more success in the United States. Maybe she could be the next Sasha Grey. Apparently, this film is a “sexed up, low budget spin on Species” though that film was plenty sexed as it was, and it put its star, Natasha Henstridge, on the map.

The Tokyo Species movie poster:


Tokyo Species poster


Watch the Tokyo Species movie trailer (NSFW) and leave your thoughts on it in the comments section below. For more Tokyo Species photos, videos, and information, visit our Tokyo Species Page. Tokyo Species will be released in Japan theaters in 2012.

Source: Twitchfilm