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TOM AT THE FARM (2015) Movie Trailer: Eerie Thriller from HEARTBEATS director

Tom At The Farm Movie Trailer

Tom At The Farm Movie Trailer. Xavier Dolan‘s Tom At The Farm (2013) movie trailer stars Xavier Dolan, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Lise Roy, Evelyne Brochu and Manuel Tadros. Tom At The Farm‘s plot synopsis: “A grieving man meets his lover’s family, who were not aware of their son’s sexual orientation.”

This trailer is pretty captivating. By the end I was excitedly in synch with the pulsating, ever increasing unease perpetrated by this editing and the general tone of it all. There seems to be a through-line of tension throughout this whole film, and the incredible thing is that it seems to be coming from the drama, the characters, and not any sort of violence or literal action. What the characters are going through is powerful and exhausting enough, and that is a very real, grounded truth. Sometimes your worst fear is something your father never told you, suddenly being revealed. Or a brother, missing, lost. Things like this.

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