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Tony Jaa’s ONG BAK 3 Movie Trailer

The Ong Bak 3 Movie Trailer has been released. Ong Bak 3 is directed by Tony Jaa and Panna Rittikrai and stars Tony Jaa, Dan Chupong, and Kessari Ektawatkul. Ong Bak 3 “is a direct sequel to Ong Bak 2 and a prequel to Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior.” Ong Bak 3‘s plot synopsis: “The legend of Ong Bak 3 begins after Tien (Tony Jaa) has lost his fighting skills and his beloved step-father at the Garuda’s Wing cliff from the raid led by Jom Rachan. Tien is brought back to life with the help from Pim as well as Mhen and the Kana Khone villagers. Deep into the meditation taught by Phra Bua, Tien finally is able to achieve ‘Nathayut.’ His talents are put to the test again when his rivals including the Golden-Armored King’s Guard, the mysterious killers in black, and Bhuti Sangkha return for the final massive showdown.” I am a fan of the first film but I never got around to seeing the second one. Ong Bak 3 looks good though. Ong Bak 3 opens in Thailand on May 5. No word yet on when it will open in the US.

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  • Have not watched is good martial arts flick latley, hopefully this will make that happen. Not to mention Tony Jaa is a badass.

  • Like you, I enjoyed the first one but didn't see the second. I think I was turned off a little bit by the mythos around that one and what appears to be this one. I'm not looking for a historical epic; the reason I liked the original is because it was almost like Rumble in the Bronx – this guy running around a contemporary city pulling amazing stunts. The one sequence running down the street in the original is still one of the best I think I've ever seen.

  • The one where he slides underneath the car right? I remember that sequence as well. That sequence and him jumping through the fire ring sold the film.

  • Yeah, that's the one alright. I've watched the trailer just for fun sometimes:

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