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TRANSFORMERS 4 (2014): Major Character Death Possibly Revealed in Film

Michael Bay Transformers Age of Extinction Set

New plot details for Transformers: Age of Extinction have emerged. Some of them were released willingly by Michael Bay and some others were not. On the positive side and against all odds, there seems to be some sort of a involving story taking place. On the downside, it is quite possible that a hugely important plot element has been spoiled. Either way, a spoiler would do not much harm to a Transformers movie: we all know that storytelling is not what Michael Bay films thrive on.

Just like it is described in the official synopsis, the Autobots will be dealing with the location of a crashed spaceship. Somewhere in the middle of their complex adventure they will meet up with the Dinobots, which will have a key role in the battle and united, the two forces will have to fight off the Deceptions. The essential dose of destruction will be present again, only this time it is Hong Kong that will serve as the setting for the battlefield. This is probably because the story will feature a gigantic crater formed by a space-ship crash in the middle of the city. Making a huge crater in an American metropolis is definitely not what studios are looking for on their films.

The more intriguing plot detail that was released involved the death of a major character. According to inside information, the dying (or absconding) Autobot was Optimus Prime.

A video was leaked from the set in Hong Kong that implies Optimus Prime will die in the new film. Hollywood Hills managed to translate the video’s voice over, which shows Optimus Prime saying his goodbyes to both Wahlberg (Cade) and the Autobots:

“There remains a price on my head, and I risk endangering you if I stay. Cade when you find the remaining stones, mark one as my soul. Defend this family Autobots, as they have you, goodbye, don’t forget me.”

Optimus already died once in Revenge of the Fallen (2009) so it wouldn’t really make much sense to kill him off again because it would just look like amateurish storytelling. Although, in all honesty, lack of sense or good writing was exactly what the previous two Transformers films were memorable for. Optimus Prime and the voice of Peter Cullen are responsible for a large portion of the likability of this franchise. What is even more: a photo of his Age of Extinction appearance was released not long ago and his new look is quite awesome. It wouldn’t be a smart move to kill him off except if it is done in some spectacularly effective and dramatic way.

Revealing plot details from the story is not exactly a wise decision either but Michael Bay is no fool when it comes down to marketing a film and has certainly realized that he is gaining fans through his explosions. Age of Extinction will be full of them. Reportedly, the quantities of dynamite on set were spectacular in number. Judging by the released set photos and behind the scene videos, we are about to witness the typical Michael Bay explosion show.

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