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TRUE DETECTIVE: Season 2: Episode 4: Down Will Come TV Show Trailer [HBO]

Taylor Kitsch True Detective

True Detective TrailerHBO’s True Detective: Season 2, Episode 4: Down Will Come TV Show Trailer stars Colin Farrell, Rachael McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Vince Vaughn and Kelly Reilly

The trailer begins Ani and Ray tracking down a lead in the middle of nowhere. The next sequence involves Frank’s wife objecting to the re-emergence of his underworld ties. In the next scene, Ray shares a tender moment with his son, offering him his grand-father’s discarded badge. And finally, the trailer closes with a montage of quick cuts as Ani discusses her past with someone just off of camera.

Down Will Come Synopsis:

After letting their suspect narrowly escape, Ray and Ani continue hunting for leads on Caspere’s murder. Still feeling the threat of his unknown enemy, Frank continues falling back into his old criminal habits. Meanwhile, Paul is finding his inner turmoil more difficult to suppress.

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Source TVGuide, HBO

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