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TRUMBO (2015) International Movie Poster: Bryan Cranston Takes on Hollywood

Trumbo International Movie Poster Arrives

Trumbo International Movie Poster Arrives. We are getting closer and closer to November, when this little biopic about Dalton Trumbo – a blacklisted director in the Hollywood of the 1940s – floods movie theaters. Of course, this will only pique the interest of film history fans, Cranston obsessors, and audiences who enjoy biopics, but still – this is very exciting. The cast is stacked – Cranston, Helen MirrenElle Fanning, Diane Lane, Alan Tudyk, John Goodman, and Louis C.K all star in this Jay Roach directed bio-pic/drama/comedy.

Take a look at the new international poster for Trumbo below:

Trumbo International Movie Poster

According to EmpireOnline, “There’s a rich – and no doubt, deliberate – irony that Hollywood’s database of exciting unmade scripts is called the Black List. Back in the late ‘40s, the blacklist was exactly where a screenwriter didn’t want to be. One, Spartacus and Roman Holiday writer Trumbo (Cranston), found himself cast into movie prison when he fell foul of the communist witch hunts of the time.

Jay Roach’s film will show how his career was nearly snuffed out by those spurious charges and innuendo. It’s set against a rich Hollywood backdrop haunted by famous figures from Hopper to Kirk Douglas (Dean O’Gorman), Edward G. Robinson (Michael Stuhlbarg) and Otto Preminger (Christian Berkel). Lane is the woman who stands by him as he’s haunted by the Red Scare sweeping through the US government and his own film studios.”

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Sources: EmpireOnline

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