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TV Recap: REVOLUTION: Season 2, Episode 16: Exposition Boulevard

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NBC’s Revolution Exposition Boulevard TV Show Recap. Revolution: Season 2, Episode 16: Exposition Boulevard focuses almost completely on the children. The Patriots know full well that the youth are crucial to the future and are working tirelessly to get every teen indoctrinated into fighting for the United States. In “Exposition Boulevard” we find the Monroes, Charlie and Charlie’s new crew back in Willoughby. The Nevilles coming for Bass’s head is the major focus of the story and puts bringing down the Patriots on the back burner momentarily. Bass and Miles find and entrap two teens on their track.

“The Young and Strong will Survive” is the credo of this world. The teens may be joining the Patriots to assure their own survival, but it will conclusively take a mighty toll. The flashbacks with President Davis show that he came into power through a coup, therefore the children don’t understand that the land they are fighting for is not the same land of their parents. And we see that the president that they are fighting under is perhaps more diabolical than they could have ever believed.

It’s gotten rather intense back in Willoughby as Miles is not sure that Monroe killing children when necessary is the best way to handle the situation. And yet Rachel feels that it’s better to kill the children rather than letting them go. When asked, Miles is unable to answer the simple question of what it is he wants.

As the episode comes to it’s final scene we see that just when Aaron thought his marriage was working again, he finds that the nanotech has a lure in Priscilla. At this point we are not sure whether any of what we are watching is real. We are not sure whether she is alive, or if she is real for that matter. We are unsure whether what we have seen since Aaron left Willoughby is really happening at all. The question here is, have the nanites ultimately infected Aaron’s brain, thereby holding him captive and keeping him trapped.

Things in Willoughby are uncomfortably tense as we turn the final corner toward the season’s end.

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