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TV Review: THE 100: Season 2, Episode 7: Long into an Abyss [The CW]


The CW’s The 100 Long into an Abyss TV Show Review. The 100: Season 2, Episode 7: ‘Long into an Abyss,’ put three sides, to an inevitable conflict, in place, for an old fashioned Mexican stand-off; but two of the parties involved were too focused on each other, to be aware of the third.

The principal preoccupation of the garrison centered on Jaha’s (Isaiah Washington) return, and the message he had brought with him. The prospect of being overrun & massacred, by Grounders, left him with the notion that another exodus (to the fabled city he was told about, shortly after arriving on Earth) was the only way forward. Acting Chancellor, Abigail (Paige Turco) , however, disagreed, but allowed Jaha to take control of what was supposed to be a joint pronouncement, to the masses, about the grounder threat. Jaha’s appraisal left little room for anything other than the general dread, that would support the exodus plan; and Abby would act on her regret, over not making a case for staying.

The Grounders were preoccupied with the massacre perpetrated by Finn (Thomas McDonell), serving as impetus to solving their Sky People problem – one way, or another. The garrison would either pay by clearing out of Grounder territory, or be completely eradicated.

What, did you think season 2.1 would end without the threat of all out war? It’s the stuff of tragic twists – like the Finn massacre.

Finn being exonerated probably didn’t help matters – particularly since it just left him working on “moving on” from it – but at least he was free to also work on salvaging things with Clarke (Eliza Taylor). Bellamy & Octavia (Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos), in the meantime, had a serious problem with Lincoln (Ricky Whittle); namely, how to default him back to Grounder mode, without either killing him, or being killed by him. His pal Nyko (Ty Olsson) – noticeably less pacifist, upon seeing Finn again – had an app for that; but it went by way of the first dilemma. I thought it strange that, after all of Octavia’s Grounder lessons, it was Clarke that picked up on what Nyko had in mind. His reaction to Clarke’s undoing of his doings, however, inspired her into savior mode. First rule of diplomacy: leverage.

Having been ignored, due to the previously mention preoccupations, the third party, in this strategic stand-off, had the luxury of focusing on a long running domestic issue. The Tsing (Rekha Sharma) & Cage (Johnny Whitworth) cabal was working on getting past the Weatherman aversion to the outside world; and just how the 47 Exiles, in their ‘care,’ were to be the means to that end. After sacrificing one of their own, for the greater good (“the greater good”), Tsing worked out a more lasting solution to their exposure problem. As distasteful as Dante (Raymond J. Barry) was expected to find the measure, it would have a much more traumatic effect on the 47.

Not waiting to find out what the Tsing & Cage had in store for them, Jasper & Monty (Devon Bostick, Christopher Larkin) were already hatching plan, and pulling together a crack crew, to pull it off. Even though the plan succeeded, setting the stage for something bolder, there was a hitch. Somehow, the designated lookout got pinched, without blowing the caper. The notion that Harper’s (Chelsey Reist) off-screen heroics might have saved her colleagues made her fate that much more gruesome, to me. A rule of thumb, to The 100: don’t get attached to new faces right away. Unless they make it past a few episodes, or are tied to some other plot/ character, then consider them Red Shirts.

Dante, in the meantime, was given a very effective demonstration of what was at stake, but somehow managed to resist a devil’s bargain. His present stand was left on borrowed time, however. If the call isn’t made for him, by Tsing/ Cage, then his own lingering longings, instilled by Cage’s demonstration, may make all the difference.

The intrigues of Mt. Weather may not have factored into the impending Grounder-Sky People conflict; but Clarke had the next best third rail issue: Reapers. With the carrot of restoring Reapers to Grounder settings, Clarke was able to make Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey) consider a truce. It was Abby, however, that secured it; but not before burning a a very important bridge, to get to that point.

Rejecting Jaha’s exodus plan, and siding with the Exiles, put Abby back in her Ark role, as concientious objector, only in this case, she was left in charge. Jaha had always been willing to stick his neck out, for both Abby, and certain Exile considerations; but here, he was willing to cut the 47 loose, and toss Abby to the side. Abby, for her part, was willing to play the part of authoritarian – willing to forgo certain democratic principle, in order to protect her precious few, from the tyranny of the majority. When the direct confrontation for power came, it was Major Byrne (Kendall Cross) serving as the most consistent character, since the crisis started. She may not have been the most likable, of peripheral characters; but she remained the dutiful officer. Jaha was officially deposed, so that the garrison could stand & not fight.

Extra credit to Abby, for also remembering the resuscitating value of electricity, at the most crucial of moments (what took them all so long?); but I still found her power play to be more than a little slippery, at the slope. Still, Abby & Clarke’s fight, for a non-violent outcome, was vindicated, Lincoln’s death, by botched systems recovery, was averted, and war with the grounders was averted, by way of a truce.

– Except it wasn’t. Lexa agreed to suspend hostilities; but in order to secure an actual truce, blood still had to pay for blood. The Grounders wanted Finn, and the lives of the entire garrison now hung on his being handed over to them, for what was sure to be a long suffering ritual of demise.

What, did you think season 2.1 would end without a threat to such a hard won truce? It’s the stuff of tragic twists – like the Finn massacre.

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