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TV Review: The 100: Season 3, Episode 10: Fallen [The CW]

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The CW’s The 100, Fallen TV Show Review. The 100: Season 3, Episode 10: ‘Fallen,’ was meant to be a group road trip to redemption, but I don’t think everyone earned their seat. Sure, there were degrees to how hard each roadie’s seat was, along the way (one passenger maybe having too much fun with the seat presented to him, actually); but there seemed to be something of a rush, to get as many let-down characters on board as possible, for a single trip.

First on board: Bellamy (Bob Morley). Never one to be particular sensitive, over fresh wounds, his ill-timed remorse earned him the sibling beat-down he had until now avoided. Nothing like a little face-mashed martyrdom to jump-start the inevitable redemption arc, after all. Except, the showrunners may be of the mind that characters like Bellamy can afford as many redemptions as it takes, to propel whatever plot direction they come up with. Well, Bellamy may have some die-hard fans, that would forgive him anything, but I’m going to have to rebuke that notion. You can only cycle through the same costly character slips before they become your character, and I’d say Bellamy has gotten to that point. I’d say the same about Clarke (Eliza Taylor), but at least Clarke has demonstrated that she abides by a degree of self-awareness/ accountability.

Still, it’s not totally out of the question that another Bellamy redemption could stick – I’ve actually come around, regarding Murphy (Richard Harmon). Working mojo on bad girls has definitely become a tool in his survival kit (and, I’ll admit, made his corner of the show fun to watch); but the first chinks appearing in Ontari’s (Rhiannon Fish) monstrous armor, helped. It may have been the isolation & cultural nature of her upbringing/ training, but there was little more to Ontari beyond being a killing machine (I don’t care how hot she looks when she’s bothered). Without Roan, those limits almost became as clear to her as they were to Murphy – an in he was quick to exploit. Given the sudden turnaround in her confidence, and Murphy’s history, I almost feel sorry for her, at this point. I’ll get over it. Other people will likely suffer for Murphy’s efforts through Ontari, by the time he’s done – and clearly the job comes with mutual benefits….

The point is, Murphy – for all his misdeeds – has been almost as honest with himself, as he has been direct with others. Where Bellamy’s idealism has been subject to one passion, or another – and repeatedly hijacked, as a consequence – Murphy’s cynical pragmatism has left him consistent, on his path. If Bellamy could consistently stand on his own (on the side of the angels), at some point, the way Murphy has (completely apart), then maybe he deserves another redemption.

Then again, Murphy’s still on his first trip down redemption road; thus maybe earning a good seat for the ride… or a good seat to – y’know what, I’ll just stop myself, here….

Speaking of consistency, did anyone buy Hannah (Donna Yamamoto) sending Monty (Christopher Larkin) to the safety of his friends as anything but a Trojan Horse? It would’ve been pretty hard for Pike’s (Michael Beach) eyes to not see their exchange for what it was – suggesting that it was done for Monty’s benefit. Add to that the fact that somebody’s gotta stick to their convictions, on this show, and the old guard Pike crew has been as consistent as any, so far.

Alie (Erica Cerra) has consistently displayed a disturbingly limited understanding of Human nature, leaving her inflexible to a fault (a problem most post-singularity A.I.s seem to have, in fiction). You’d think she would at least have heard the one about suffering being good for the soul. Not helping matters: the notion that people somehow go shuffling zombie, every time a hive mind goes into effect. The 100 has sold the A.I. premise short, thus far (at least Alie’s end, anyway); but I suppose this may have been necessary, in order for Jasper (Devon Bostick) to catch the redemption ride.

Between Alie using a broken Raven (Lindsey Morgan) as leverage, and T-Morpheus Jaha (Isaiah Washington) getting his way in somewhat suggestive fashion, Abby (Paige Turco) opened up, and Jasper was left the last maniac standing; but at least he got himself a door prize, on the way out, while also shifting Clarke’s would-be homecoming into abrupt reverse gear.

This will be Jasper’s second trip down redemption road (I still count his pilot ep idiocy as something he had to come back from); and I’m not quite ready to forgive him, either. With the fallen, in this case, extending beyond Raven & Abby to Arkadia, itself, however, the show has seen to it that Jass-man crazy – in the face of A.I. order – maybe just what the doctor ordered. That could work; but there may be some Jasper-Clarke issues to work through, first (bleurrgh).

Monty was left with his own family issues to deal with, for his own first trip (sorry, Monty); but it didn’t seem like Bellamy quite got the message, regarding what it takes to earn his seat. Yes, he caught his lumps, and yes, he was the one to salvage Team Kane’s (Henry Ian Cusick) darkest hour; but he probably took all of that to mean that he had actually arrived at his destination. I’m sure his fans may agree; but he’s got a long way to go, if the show, itself, is to redeem its faith in him.

This road trip of course marks the start of the final stretch, for this season, as everybody of consequence needs to be in crash position, when the gear-shift hits the fans. Both Polis & Arkadia are in hostile hands (despite the efforts of Clarke & Kane), and Alie seems set to bring the Two Towers under one eye. With a bit of field maintenance (say, to Raven, for example), it looks to be about that time when ‘key’ characters started getting over themselves, in order to contribute to this season’s outcome (for better or worse).

I suppose making me kind of sick of some these redemption riders made their relatively quick boarding easier to accept. At this point, I’d say that was a smart move. Let’s get their baggage stowed away, and get on with it, already.

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