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TV Review: 2 BROKE GIRLS: Season 4, Episode 15: And the Fat Cat [CBS]

Beth Behrs Kat Dennings 2 Broke Girls And the Fat Cat

CBS2 Broke Girls And the Fat Cat TV Show Review2 Broke Girls: Season 4, Episode 15: And the Fat Cat lacked in humor, with the show’s characteristic snarky one-liners and witty comments less omnipresent than usual. The episode starts off with Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) covering for Max Black (Kat Dennings) as she has been late to the diner several days this week. Max was in search for her cat Nancy, the name being the lost normal part of the episode, and comes to realize that a rich venture capitalist, Owen (Ian Reed Kesler), has found her. When Owen shows up at the apartment with Nancy in a $2,000 bag, Caroline jokes about his wealthy demeanor with one-liners that come off to be more cheesy than funny. Of course, she jumps at the chance of seducing Owen, with her “business flirting” to get him to invest in their cupcake business which is now in the hole from their t-shirt catastrophe. There is an underlying message of rich vs poor in this episode when Owen is disgusted by the apartment the girls live in as he jokes about the door knob falling off.

Sophie Kachinsky (Jennifer Coolidge) makes her appearance when she walks in to see that the girls found Nancy, whom she deduces is pregnant, and helps deliver Nancy’s kittens. The whole scene of Sophie birthing kittens was more awkward than cute with Caroline wanting to vomit and Max keeping her distance from Sophie and the kittens. The girl’s plan to force Owen into taking the kittens back when they hear gun shots and a woman scream as they are sitting on their stoop waiting for him. As the shooter runs past them we soon learn that they know him by the name Rico. This incident shows how much this episode really focuses on the girl’s poor living situation. Normally Caroline would be distraught by the guns shots and Rico running past her with a gun but she completely dismisses it when Owen seems highly disturbed by the incident.

Caroline’s attitude is overpowering as she tries too hard to take responsibility of the business away from Max. Generally Max is not business savvy but in this episode Caroline really tries to prove a point; that she is capable. Caroline’s mission is ruined when Max follows her to Owen’s office and makes a scene about the kittens. We see a little development in Max’s character as she projects her issues of abandonment to Owen. Owen, at that point, in his true pretentious persona claims that he will never invest in a “desperate little cupcake shop.” The girls are offended and decide not to give him the kittens.

It seems as though And the Fat Cat was back-tracking to reflect earlier episodes as there were many more sexual innuendos and Max joking about Caroline’s lack of sexual activity in her life. At one point, Caroline jokes about Owen’s cat being seen in the lunchroom as “rawdogger.”  The relationship between Max and Caroline in And the Fat Cat seemed slightly distant and somewhat bothered but even Lucy and Ethel had their bad days.

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