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TV Review: 2 BROKE GIRLS: Season 4, Episode 16: And the Zero Tolerance [CBS]

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CBS‘ 2 Broke Girls And the Zero Tolerance TV Show Review2 Broke Girls: Season 4, Episode 16: And the Zero Tolerance definitely stepped up its game from the previous week as we see the girl’s in not one but two uniforms. The show brought in a few new characters which really highlighted the sarcastic comments and snarky one-liners it is known for.

When Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) realizes that their bank account balance is below zero she panics at the thought of not only being considered “working class” but also at the fact that the two will not be able to pay down their bank loan balance. Max Black (Kat Dennings) being the more clam and rational character, jokes about the situation with a Justin Bieber reference, which was appropriate as Justin was a big commodity this week for his appearance on Comedy Central Roast. In their desperation to make money the girl’s start screaming out of their cupcake window when their former pastry school student John, (Patrick Cox), shows up at the cupcake window. John is a frat boy the size of an NFL football player who is more interested in Han than Caroline. John’s presence added delightful humor to the episode and we see much more of it throughout the show. One of the best lines from this week’s episode is when John says to Han “hold me closer tiny dancer.” When John tells them of a fancy new pastry restaurant called “The High” is hiring in Manhattan, Caroline insists that Max apply for the job. Of course Caroline jumps in desperation at the opportunity to save them from their declining bank balance.

To our pleasant surprise, the manager of the new pastry restaurant Joedth (the dth is silent) (Sandra Bernhard) is quite sassy and amusing to watch. The girls have a running joke about unbuttoning their shirts to create a little more of an “impression” and Max really plays with the idea as she sits across from her potential lesbian boss. Unfortunate for her, Joedth does not like “big breasted woman” which means there is a definite chance for Caroline to get the job as Max lets on. The chemistry and flow of conversation is very entertaining and laugh out loud funny between Max and Joedth. On their first day of work, Max chooses not to smoke weed but once Caroline gets word that Max decided to stay sober, she encourages her to get high in order maintain the peace at “The High”. Throughout the episode we see that Joedth likes Max but doesn’t seem to have the same feelings towards Caroline. This is one of the few times that Max is outshining Caroline, especially with her “working abilities”. Caroline is always portrayed as the perfect one but this time, it is really Max that is outshining her. Caroline steps it up a notch in this episode as she adds to the Max’s and Joedth’s witty comments. It is not really until Caroline throws out Joedth’s drug addict girlfriend that Joedth notices Caroline’s work ability. The episode ends with Caroline getting fired as the waitress but hired as the hostess. We have more to look forward to in next week’s episode.

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