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TV Review: 2 BROKE GIRLS: Season 4, Episode 17: And The High Hookup [CBS]

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 CBS‘ 2 Broke Girls And The High Hook Up TV Show Review2 Broke Girls: Season 4, Episode 17: And the High Hook Up brings in another entertaining episode with its all new beautiful cast. The episode starts off with a fire in the diner kitchen where Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) joke about making s’mores on the fire instead of finding a way to put it out.  It makes Han Lee (Matthew Moy) a little nervous that the girls are not as interested in the diner now that they have a new fancy job.

The girls like their new job at the fancy dessert shop and we see Joedth (Sandra Bernhard) adapting to the girls a little more. Joedth introduces her beautiful young new hire, Nashit (Austin Falk), who is half Indian and half Irish as the new waiter. We see trouble coming when Max and Nashit find themselves attracted to each other. Joedth specifically mentions “no hook ups at The High” but they can’t resist themselves from being attracted to each other.  Again, we see the Caroline as the more rational character who lectures Max on resisting herself to not get fired and Max as the more promiscuous one who will break the rules anyway.  Nashit is a great addition to the show as he brings in some variety and attractiveness but he is a terrible waiter. Joedth’s character is seen as more sarcastic and uncaring but we see an empathetic side to her in this episode as she unsparingly hands $100 bills to Caroline, which Caroline gladly accepts. At the same time, Caroline is hoping to be promoted to manager and will do what Jo expects even if that means kicking Joedth’s ex-girlfriend, Allie (Shantel Wislawski) out of the restaurant by having John (Patrick Cox) pick her up and escort her out.

When Nashit shows up at the diner later, the girls eventually find out that he just moved to the states from Ireland and has no place to stay. Of course, Max is highly interested in taking him like a stray cat. A little witty humor is seen when Caroline is concerned as to why Max would be interested in Nashit when he looks like he came out of a boy band, and Max replies, “yeah and he is going in one direction” and “because God owes me”.  Their secret comes out when Joedth shows up at the girl’s apartment and Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) lets her in without knowing that Nashit is spending the night there. Joedth is under the misconception that Caroline is having an affair with Allie, only to find Nashit in Max’s bedroom. One of the funniest moments here is when Sophie starts to believe that Caroline is having an affair with her boss, “the shorter hair makes sense now!” she tells Caroline.

The episode ends with Joedth promoting Caroline to manager and tells Max that she and Nashit have to figure something out. We later see Nashit’ employed at the diner as a dishwasher and he is really happy to be there. This could mean that Nashit will become a major character in the show going forward. The new characters really add to the quality of the show without taking the focus off the girls. The story line is developing a little more now that they have new jobs and this change leaves the audience wanting more each time.

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