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TV Review: 2 BROKE GIRLS: Season 4, Episode 18: And The Taste Test [CBS]

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CBS 2 Broke Girls And The Taste Test TV Show Review2 Broke Girls: Season 4, Episode 18: And The Taste Test story line temporarily shifts from the “making it” to “faking it”.  When Sophie’s (Jennifer Coolidge) bridesmaid drops out, she chooses Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) to be her new bridesmaid.  Caroline dreads the idea of becoming Sophie’s bridesmaid as we all know Sophie’s taste in fashion is way beyond her. Oleg  (Jonathan Kite) also leads her on to believe that the New York Times will be attending the wedding and she refuses for her “comeback in the Times” to be a picture of her wearing something distasteful. Since the focus was not really on the other characters in the show, Han Lee (Matthew Moy) makes his cameo in this episode to add his two cents about Sophie, “Bitch please! My morning fiber cookie has better taste than Sophie.” We also see Nashit (Austin Falk) is officially Max Black’s (Kat Dennings) new beau but we can’t tell if he is a new character in the show or if it is a temporary thing.

 When Sophie shows up at The High with an old wedding dress that deteriorates in her hands, Max and Caroline fear what will be coming for them.  With dust flying in the air from the ancient wedding dress, Joedth (Sandra Bernhard) walks in to complain when Sophie tells her “to put a sock in it and that she is already buying her overpriced pudding. Joedth more turned on than appalled by the comment tells them about a fabulous bridal shop, Rosenthal’s, in Brooklyn.  From the gist of it, we find out that Joedth was at one point involved in Scientology and married to a man.  The commentary here between Sophie and Joedth really emphasizes the comedic value that Joedth brings to the show.  At the shop, the girl’s make it a goal to weed out all the ugly dresses but in the process, they come across an extremely hideous yellow dress that is comparable to wearing a giant Tweety Bird costume. Of course Max is not able to contain her comments about the hideous outfit when she refers to the dress as a hazmat suit with feathers.  Caroline makes it a point that she hates the dress and refers to it as “dressagedon.” Unfortunately, Sophie overhears and is offended by Caroline’s words but in the end all is well and the girls get their way as the dresses were taken from them by two girls who really had their eye on them. Sophie feels confident about her taste that she ends up making bridesmaid dresses for the girl’s. Fortunately for Caroline, it’s not the NY Times attending Sophie and Oleg’s wedding, it is the Warsaw Times (only sold at the deli in NJ and Poland).

We see the show taking its original shape again while correlating the new cast members into the episodes. This episode reflected on the relationship between the girl’s and Sophie and less on the new relationships that Max and Caroline have built. Looks like the new cast is sticking around for a while, which can only benefit the show in the long run.

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