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TV Review: 2 BROKE GIRLS: Season 4, Episode 20: And The Minor Problem [CBS]

CBS 2 Broke Girls And The Minor Problem TV Show Review2 Broke Girls: Season 4, Episode 20: And The Minor Problem solves the mystery of Max Black’s (Kat Dennings) new crush, Nashit (Austin Falk) future on the show.  When Max runs into a hipster at the diner who can’t leave her a tip, he asks to read her future in exchange. Since Max does not have a future, Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) insists that he read hers instead. To her dismay, her fortune reads that she will have a small failure. At this point, Max and Caroline have faced their fair share of failures but we can predict that it is pointing to Nashit. Last week, Nash got his first modeling gig and Caroline became Nash’s new Talent Manager. This week, Caroline will refuse to let him eat for his upcoming photo shoot. Joedth (Sandra Bernhard) does not want to disappoint Marie (Nadia Dajani), her new girlfriend, and sides with Caroline stating that Nashit can’t look like a fluffy marshmallow for this photo shoot. Seeing Caroline’s tenacity, Joedth makes Caroline manager of her new shop which is going to be a “major flagship in an international hub”. Caroline immediately makes Max the Head Pastry Chef and John (Patrick Cox) demands that she take him with her so he’s no longer shoved in the back of the restaurant. Things seem to be looking up for Caroline and Max with their new job prospects. Of course, the girls will never leave the diner as they still have mounds of debt they need to pay off.

During the photo shoot, Caroline’s world comes crashing down when Nash’s mother (Tasha Ames) shows up and demands to take her just turned 18 year-old son home. It did seem too good to be true that things fall completely into place for a foreign kid landing in NYC without a home or job.Nash’s mother came looking for him from Ireland when he checked into America on Facebook. Let’s face it; Nash was not the cleverest character on the show to begin with. When the girl’s find out that Nash’s mother is taking him back home, they run after him to save their jobs. Turns out, Nash had limited time on the show this season. He entertained us with his pretty face but added little comedic value to the show. His best lines were calling Max immature and questioning Blockbuster Video.

The episode ends with the girls finding out the new location of “The High” is at the airport. I guess there were two small failures for Caroline as the airport is the last place she wants to be working. Looks like the cupcake shop is completely out of the picture and the girls careers are developing. This could be a good shift as it is always nice to see characters growing as the show progresses. It will be interesting to see how their new jobs work out! Will they eventually open up their own pastry shop?

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