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TV Review: 2 BROKE GIRLS: Season 4, Episode 21: And The Grate Expectations [CBS]

CBS 2 Broke Girls And The Grate Expectations TV Show Review2 Broke Girls: Season 4, Episode 21: And The Grate Expectations definitely brings up the expectations of the cast as Han’s (Matthew Moy) humor really goes up a notch and Oleg (Jonathan Kite) shows another side to him. As Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) and Oleg’s wedding approaches, Oleg finds out that his brother is in jail and cannot attend the wedding. This is bad news for Oleg as he is in dire need of a new best man and, of course, his initial reaction is to ask Han. We get the usual humor from Max Black (Kat Dennings) making fun of Han and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs)chiming in with her one liner’s but lately Han has stepped up his game as he starts making fun of the girls working at the airport. Han has always showed that loving side to him whenever the girls needed him so when Han agrees to throw Oleg a bachelor party, it is no surprise.

Max is overridden with power as she opens the gates of the shop to the international sector of the airport while Caroline nearly cries at the idea of no one showing up until a Pilot walks in and flirts with her.  We do not see much of the new characters in this episode and this is the only time we see the girls in the new shop before shifting the focus to Oleg’s bachelor party.

Han and the rest of the diner group have always had a bond but this season we see the group really come together like a family. Leaving the diner would be like leaving family for Max and Caroline. We really see this in the bachelor party that Han throws for Oleg. Unfortunately for him, he sucks at throwing parties so Max brings in some dancers to get the party going. Oleg finds out that his cousin did not bring his papers and his visa is expiring very soon. Oleg tries to hide the news from Sophie so she will not think that Oleg is trying to marry her for a green card. In attempt to hide it from Sophie, he only makes it worse and she calls off the wedding. To make it up to her, we see Oleg take his sexual nature to another level. He kisses Han to prove to Sophie he is not marrying her for a green card. This is a little unexpected from Oleg seeing that he is portrayed as a womanizer. Max chimes in with her witty one liners and pokes fun at Han. In the meantime, Caroline attempts to be sexy with the pilot and sends him a picture of her topless and includes her face, exposing herself on the internet, “my boobs are in the cloud,” she yells.

This episode had its moments of funny but focused more on the relationship between Sophie and Oleg. This episode was a break from the new developments in the show and brought the original group together. Han and Max have developed a greater bond in the midst of their banter towards each other. As the wedding approaches we may not see as much of Joedth (Sandra Bernhard) and John (Patrick Cox) for the rest of this season. The show is nearing the end of the season and it will be interesting to see if there are any more twists before the season ends. Will there be new characters next season? Now that Nash is out of the picture, they may replace him with a boy toy for Max or maybe Caroline will have a new crush, but before we get to that, let’s see what surprises the end of this season brings.

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