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TV Review: 2 BROKE GIRLS: Season 4, Episode 22: And The Disappointing Unit [CBS]

CBS 2 Broke Girls And The Disappointing Unit  TV Show Review2 Broke Girls: Season 4, Episode 22: And The Disappointing Unit brings this season to an end and a new vision for Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs). While Han (Matthew Moy) is trying to initiate family style meals at the diner, Caroline is unnerved by the idea of disappointing the Managing Director of the The High by the lack of sales at their airport location. Caroline refers to the slow business as slow as the third season of House of Cards, which is a little outdated as the show ended a while ago.  Of course we get our fabulous John (Patrick Cox) who adds in his one-liners about dating and other pop culture references.  Once Caroline sees Max consuming cinnamon buns like “crystal meth,” she realizes that the Cinnabon next door is stealing all of their sales and decides to create a new in & out strategy to get their sales up. We are introduced to two flight attendants for a Paris airline, Veronica (Laura Kightlinger) and Bonnie (Caroline Rhea) that come in to poke around in the girl’s business and only stare at the sweets. Laura Kightlinger is also a consulting producer for the show and knows exactly how to add comedic value to the episode. Bonnie plays the slutty flight attendant who gives the girls advice on working their way through the airport.

In the meantime, Sophie and Oleg’s (Jennifer Coolidge & Jonathan Kite) circus wedding continues with the outrageous festivities and Chestnut (Caroline’s horse) as the new mascot in the wedding. To add to that, Max’s duties as Maid of Honor never seem to end and her character never ceases to be a loyal friend. Caroline will be a little more rational in her decisions but Max will go to the end of the world to stay true to her responsibilities as a good friend. Not to say that Caroline is not a good friend, she will always stick around and help Max even to pick up a gigantic, overly done and dramatic princess like wedding dress for Sophie (but we didn’t expect anything less from Sophie). In order for Max to complete the wedding cake, they take us back to the old cupcake shop at the diner which hints at the idea of the girls going back to opening their own business. As predicted, we have not seen Joedth (Sandra Bernhard) in the past few episodes either, which could mean that the girls will drift away from The High and go back to their original dream of having their own business.  The two flight attendants make this a reality for the girls towards the end of the episode as Max sees her life flash by. Working at the airport is not the life that Caroline or Max had imagined for themselves.

This season definitely paved its way back up with the new additions to the show. Now that the season has ended the girls are going away on a short getaway to Paris and they will come back with new experiences and new ideas. Will the girls be able to make their own business work or will they end up at another restaurant? It would be good to see some of the new characters come back in season 5 too. We hope to see John again as he is a great addition to the show. Let’s wait to see what the new season brings!

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