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TV Review: ANIMAL KINGDOM: Season 2, Episode 10: Treasure [TNT]

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Animal Kingdom Treasure Review

TNT‘s Animal Kingdom, Season 2 Episode 10, Treasure had Baz (Scott Speedman) and Smurf (Ellen Barkin) playing cat and mouse with stolen money while the rest of the Cody’s hijacked a cruise ship with brutal precision. Treasure really took the Cody’s up a notch in their capacity for criminality. What we also saw was how different members of the Cody family kept their little treasures.

The main event of the episode was of course the boat job, which went off without a ….. oh wait, there was a little hiccup. Marco (Joseph Julian Soria), the wild card, handled a feisty auntie with a little too much force. It was disgusting to witness that event. The fact that Pope (Shawn Hatosy) was the only Cody that felt the need to kill Marco for such a brutal act was surprising. He had watched Baz torture a man to death a while back. But, I guess the truth is these guys really are animals. You never know with them.

Then, how much does Baz hate Smurf? Let me count the ways. Baz put sweat equity into building a “piggy bank” from Smurf’s stash. He set her up for murder, and, in doing so, get some incidental justice for Javi. The man is determined to see Smurf burn in an incredible way. It was thrilling watching Baz use his talents against Smurf.

Scenes were edited to juxtapose Smurf’s detective skills with Baz’s intricate plan for revenge. We were watching the two masterminds of the group go head-to-head on their schemes. While Smurf was setting her traps, Baz was setting his. Only, Smurf was thinking too small. Baz was setting up his future and fixing a way to destroy Smurf’s. Also, Baz seems to know all Smurf’s tricks because he bought another house to do his dirt in, while she bugs his home. So, good luck with those bugs Smurf!

Now, about J (Finn Cole). I must say it was difficult to see J being so brutal in Treasure, slamming people to the ground, not blinking at the thought of mutilating an old woman, he has hardened. Nevertheless, we finally saw J’s ulterior objectives as well. J lies spectacularly. Good thing too, because the cradle of domesticity he has cultivated in his secret life actually warmed my heart a little.

His neighbor, Dina, played by Karen Malina White, presents herself as the true maternal figure in J’s life. Apparently, he has been visiting with her often. If we were worried for J’s soul, there seems no need to be. With Dina in his life, he has had a mother figure stowed away, perhaps the whole time. We know his uncles and his grandmother care little for him. So, he has a home away from “home” that reminds him of his mother, and what caring familial love feels like. He even had a treasure chest in her home. Good for you J!

Pope  was really upset in Treasure. He struggled with the brutality in his life. There were many disturbing things that happened in this episode – terrorism, torture, mutilation, and… throwing fingers in garbage disposals. We saw Pope thinking of killing Catherine as he ran into the arms of Amy (Jennifer Landon), which was also a disturbing sequence. What is it about this woman?

It appears Amy is Pope’s treasure. Something hidden away from his family, and just for him to keep his peace of mind. Looking at her makes him calm. Great for him, but at what consequence to her? She still has no idea what kind of man she is dealing with. I would go so far as to say that Pope stole Amy from that church as much as he stole that safe. Last time we saw them, she had abandoned her principles (no more celibacy) and did not even want to go to church. We love that Pope is in love, but his relationship with her feels selfish. We can hope that, like Baz with Lucy (Carolina Guerra), Pope is making Amy part of his escape plan.

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