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TV Review: ARROW: Season 4, Episode 6: Lost Souls [The CW]

Brandon Routh Arrow Lost Souls

The CW‘s Arrow Lost Souls TV Show Review. Arrow: Season 4, Episode 6: Lost Souls showed the Green Arrow dealing with his girlfriend’s obsession with saving another man. Oliver (Stephen Amell) felt completely out of his depth as he watched Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) obsess over finding and saving Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) from a tiny prison in which Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) has been keeping Ray. Along the way, Team Arrow faced some personal issues that were resolved in the most conventional ways for such an extraordinary universe.

Ray did not die in the explosion, of course, he was just shrunk and shot out of the window. Somehow, Darhk got his hands on tiny Ray and stuck him in a scientifically fortified box. (Darhk and his boxes… and how creepy was his enlarged face appearing slowly behind Ray??) Felicity was obsessed with finding Ray, saving him. She even blamed herself for his prolonged disappearance. Felicity said that losing herself in Oliver caused her to miss Ray’s messages and kept her from doing the technological work she loves for too long. So, in a way she was blaming Oliver too. That was not fair. It was clear Oliver was hurt by the suggestion. I mean, they can not help loving each other, but she sounded genuinely regretful. Oliver kept trying to help her in some way, he invited her mom to town for her peace of mind, he offered to come to Palmer Tech to do …anything that would help, but she needed Curtis (Echo Kellum) more than him. Oliver wondered if he was good enough for Felicity.

Oliver and Diggle (David Ramsey) talked out Oliver’s feelings of inadequacy. It really felt like old times in the lair, the boys talking over shots of vodka, I mean whiskey – Diggle’s drink of choice. Diggle reminded Oliver that Felicity chose him over Ray and she probably just needed space, which Oliver wisely gave. Oliver and Felicity are really a great couple but at times, Felicity makes her own misery. We saw it in the Secret Life of Felicity Smoak and we saw it here too. She blamed herself when she should not and she pushed Oliver away when she should have leaned on him. Granted, Oliver called in her mom, Donna (Charlotte Ross), which compounded Felicity’s anxiety a bit. Actually, Oliver had been texting with Felicity’s mom for a while and invited her to dinner at the apartment without asking Felicity. For such transgressions, Felicity dubbed him “Chatty Cathy”, (oh and gave Diggle the codename “Spartan” when they were in the field with Curtis. Yeah, they threw that one in there). In the end, Donna calmed Felicity’s nerves and made her see that Oliver was precious. “Don’t get in your own way,” said Donna. So, by calling Donna, Oliver did do something to help, besides lending his Green Arrow heroics. Felicity and Oliver made up with a weird upside down kiss.

The Lance family was perfectly happy…. for a hot second. Sara (Caity Lotz) went out in the field thinking that was one way to normalize her experience with being resurrected. Unfortunately, she still suffers from the bloodlust. Sara went crazy violent on a security guard when all the gang was there to do was “illegally borrow” some equipment from a Palmer Tech corporate rival that would help to free Ray. The second man she beat up, she killed. Sara expressed her need to start fresh some where else, try to live a normal life. Sara chose to leave Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and her father, Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) in order to pursue her new normal. Good for her! Meanwhile, Thea (Willa Holland) was affected by Sara’s philosophy and tried to find her new normal by asking out her brother’s campaign manager, Alex (Parker Young). She is going to try dating again even though the bloodlust is still lurking. We shall see how that goes. I still do not trust Alex.

Team Arrow rescued Ray with a lovely mix of subterfuge, brute force and complicated but truncated science. Ray was alright and his usual garrulous self (his nickname should be “Chatty Cathy” the adorable geek!). Turns out that Darhk wanted Ray’s technology more than Ray. Some specific energy derived from Ray’s Atom suit would power a device Darhk holds in the box. So what’s in the box? Nothing. The box itself is a blueprint of some kind.

Flashbacks were a little more fleshed out this episode. Reiter (Jimmy Akingbola) was actively searching for a mystical gift ensconced in the island. He was using the drug farm as a front for his real objectives and Oliver was trying to figure out what those objectives were. Reiter was far too cryptic to make any sense of his ramblings. Reiter’s loyal henchman, Conklin (Ryan Robbins) openly showed his distrust for Oliver. He even paid a worker to attack Oliver, which forced Oliver to kill the man. Oliver was told that Reiter sometimes blessed his workers saying that he healed their souls. I do not think Reiter would be too happy that Oliver killed one of “Reiter’s souls”.

A little bit of a surprise at the end, Donna Smoak met Quentin Lance at a bar coincidentally. They talked about their children and parenting woes. Huh. Between this chance meeting, Sara’s and Thea’s quest for normal, and Reiter’s souls, there were several representations of lost souls in Lost Souls.

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