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TV Review: BANSHEE: Season 3, Episode 5: Tribal [Cinemax]

Geno Segers Banshee Tribal

Cinemax‘s Banshee Tribal TV Show Review. Banshee: Season 3, Episode 5: Tribal was a blood, bullet, and brick riddled feast the likes of which we haven’t seen since last seasons’ assault on Rabbit at the church. This time the carnage occurred at the Cadillac dealership turned police station where Sheriff Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) and company were left trapped in the prior episode’s cliffhanger, still surrounded by war-painted Chayton Littlestone (Geno Segers) and his uber-armed posse set to go all Bonnie and Clyde in their thirst for revenge.

Devoid of those all too frequent bad wig flashbacks of late; tonight’s episode stayed right with this action through most of the hour, taking only brief detours to another losing battle, Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen)’s mom clinging to life and praying for salvation for her tormented grand daughter, Rebecca Bowman (Lili Simmons). There’s also a great uneasy truce between Hood and Proctor. But if Proctor wasn’t already pissed at Hood before, making him miss his mommy’s death is certain to leave more bad blood between the two pig-headed alpha males.

You’ve got to marvel at how quickly Hood’s fortune can change. From being ready to surrender his badge and hit the road for points unknown last week, Hood was back in his element, barking orders and rallying his troops. Even Deputy Siobhan Kelly (Trieste Kelly Dunn) was on board, despite the truth she learned last week and her (Begin Spoiler) – death at the hands of Chayton was agonizingly well done. (End Spoiler)

You’ve got to hand it to this show for capturing the intensity and drama of a great, gritty indie thriller week after week. It almost always feels like you’re watching a mini-movie, and this week was no exception.

We got a nice little re-introduction to Bunker, the white supremist job applicant from a few weeks ago, and even the cold fish new district attorney got a chance to open a can of whoop ass.

Best line of the night was Hood’s when asked how Proctor got out of his jail cell. “Apparently his lawyer got him an early release.” Funny bit and a welcome release from the gut wrenching tension of this great episode.

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