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TV Review: BOARDWALK EMPIRE: Season 4, Episode 1: New York Sour

Eric Laray Harvey Jeremy Bobb Michael Kenneth Williams Jo Armeniox Boardwalk Empire New York Sour

Boardwalk Empire New York Sour Review. Boardwalk Empire: Season 4, Episode 1: Boardwalk Empire continued the storylines from last season. This will sound naive but I don’t believe Richard Harrow (Jack Huston)’s killing spree was explained properly: whose men was he killing? The remaining retinue of Joe Masseria (Ivo Nandi)’s men lent to Gyp Rosetti in season 3? Like I said, naive, even-though I have seen every episode of this HBO TV series.

The moment Harrow began approaching that Norman Rockwell-like house I knew it was his sister’s. It was a well shot scene, very The Road to Perdition. The dynamic between brother and sister was alluded to in past seasons of Boardwalk Empire but the living incarnation may help to make Richard more than a mere supporting character on the show.

One thing that will never be explained was how the showbiz married couple in Make Your Own Kind of Music found each other? How do people like this, in the age before the Internet, secret online chat rooms, etc. find each other? However it happened, they did and they provided one of the most interesting and provocative sex scenes in the show’s history. There were multiple things going on during that scene with the real world, race relations, and consequences on pause outside of its borders.

During the doled out brow-beating and admonishments, the viewer saw that the encounter had all been planned from the beginning, that husband and wife were in on every aspect of it. It was a game that they had both played multiple times.

Eric Laray Harvey Jeremy Bobb Michael Kenneth Williams Jo Armeniox Boardwalk Empire New York Sour

Eric Laray Harvey Jeremy Bobb Michael Kenneth Williams Jo Armeniox Boardwalk Empire New York Sour

I knew after the n-word began being thrown around that Dunn Purnsley (Eric LaRay Harvey) would not lie down for it. I thought he was going to beat up the slanderer (Jeremy Bobb) but an alcohol bottle death occurred. That Ms. Slanderer (Jo Armeniox) had the presence of mind to go out the window naked (giving herself a few more seconds) and save herself showed she was no dunce. It also added a narrative question mark: where is she going to go in that condition in an urban neighborhood and who is she going to tell?

The biggest surprise in New York Sour was new prohibition agent Knox (Brian Geraghty). He was a total snake in the glass. He projected goof ball and timidness but it was all an act, a wonderful performance for everyone that came into contact with him. The shotgun door and the tea drinking segment of his introductory storyline were looney. He had the exact reaction to death that Watchmen Rorschach has: ambivalence. Its still unclear why he set up his partner but I can not wait to find out. He has everyone fooled (like a good psychopath). Dexter would be proud.

The Thompson family scenes were basic clan angst but Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson (Steve Buscemi) ‘s courting scenes led the viewer to believe that something would bosom between Maddie Jo Landers’ character and him. Its usually Thompson who sees “marks” and uses them. Seeing him about to be used was a twist but it also showed he was not just looking for a pretty face and sex. He wants more.

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