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TV Review: Californication: Season 3, Ep.12: Mia Culpa


The season finale of Californication, Season 3, entitled Mia Culpa, saw Hank Moody (David Duchovny)’s big secret come out and the destruction of his dream of moving back to New York with the love of his life, Karen van der Beek (Natascha McElhone). Mia Cross (Madeline Zima) has been a cancer on Hank’s life since they first met. First she has sex with him under age, then she steals his next novel, then when she is discovered as a fraud by her agent, she tells the agent everything. He then tries to use the information to his advantage against Hank. Many of the episodes leading up to this one had a comedic tone to them but this one got serious real quick and dealt with serious issues. No matter what he does, I always found myself rooting for Moody. I do see how he is going to get out of this one. Mia’s agent well probably expose him just for spite after the beating Hank gave him and his wife is disgusted by him now. He ruined their fairy tale ending or rather, had it ruined for him.

What did you think of the season finale of Californication?

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  • I thought the series finale was ok. Basically sh*t hit the fan like it always does with Hank.

  • It was the build-up from the middle of the ep and the last five minutes that were great.

  • I thought the series finale was ok. Basically sh*t hit the fan like it always does with Hank.

  • It was the build-up from the middle of the ep and the last five minutes that were great.

  • This was the easily the best episode of Season 3 – acting, writing, and music came together in a perfect storm. Was not thrilled with Season 3 as a whole, but Mia Culpa was worth hanging with Hank and his adventures in academia. Even with it's ups and downs in Season 3, Californication is the greatest show in the history of television – hands down, no discussion.

  • I totally agree.

    Many of the eps this season sort of blended together.

    Rome was one of the greatest shows in television history as is The Tudors. Californication is a really good show but not great in my opinion. Too many of the eps do not have a heart beat.

  • luvducov

    I just loved the season finale. While I enjoyed season 3 i missed the dramatic elements they had the past two seasons. I think Californication is at its best with a good mixture of both drama and comedy. Hopefully season 4 will give that back to us.

  • This season was far less serious than the two previous ones, baring this and a few other episodes.

    I am looking forward to Season 4. I wonder if he will get his book back.

  • luvducov

    To the person wondering if Hank will get his book back. I can't see how he can since its already published. Unless Mia herself comes out and tells the world she is a fake. Somehow i can't see her doing that.

  • She and her editor were talking about her telling the world she did not write the book in the last episode. That why Hank lost it. That was why Hank let her have the book in the first place: To keep her quite about them having sex when she was under age.

  • luvducov

    I guess you're right. Hank really has nothing to lose now. Karen and Becca now know that the book was about Mia. I'm wondering now if the manager can now tell the world about this without Hank's permission. I guess he can.

  • The manager can tell Mia's half of the tell anyway. I do not know why she would want to though. She stole someone else's property and slept with an older man under false pretenses. Then she used that knowledge as leverage to keep her stolen property.

    Either way she looks bad. Plus she will be branded as a liar. She told the world that was her book. She will be blacklisted from the literary world.

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