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TV Review: Caprica: Season 1, Ep.2: Rebirth

Caprica: Season 1, Ep.2: Rebirth tried to answer some of the logic holes from Caprica: Season 1, Ep.1: Pilot (why Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) did not make a back-up of Zoey (Alessandra Torresani)’s avatar before playing with it) and introduced some very cool plot points: half the scenes with the first Cyclon are represented by Zoey Graystone’s avatar. Very clever and entertaining to watch, especially when she has to restrain her reactions when she is around people. I thought Dr. Graystone would figure it out but I guess not, not yet.

That title sequence needs a lot of work. Its not terrible but its weird and weak. I was expecting something more high-tech not something so despressing and somber.

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  • This show moves so slow. I can't believe Dr. Graystone, genius that he is, doesn't realize his daughter is trapped in the toaster. I'm hoping it will pick up with Ep 4.

  • I do not feel the show moves slowly but its plot holes make no sense.

    I was really hoping for more with this series. I hope it picks up as well. At least the show is not on Fox.

  • Haha true. If it were on Fox we would've seen the season finale first followed by the premier and then they would have replaced it halfway through the third ep w/ yet another bad Simpsons wannabe animation series.

  • Oh, you mean the Firefly treatment? Yeah, we would have seen that by now.

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