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TV Review: CONSTANTINE: Season 1, Episode 11: A Whole World Out There [NBC]

Constantine A Whole World Out There

NBC’s Constantine A Whole World Out There TV Show Review. Constantine: Season 1, Episode 10: A Whole World Out There was an episode that moved away from the overall arc of the season. In other words, it didn’t feel like a Constantine story at all. This was another standalone case involving the return of Newcastle crewmember Ritchie Simpson (Jeremy Davies) whom we met in the pilot episode. Don’t expect to find any hidden Easter eggs from the Hellblazer comics anywhere in this installment.

The episode really took some inspirations from slasher and classic horror films like A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Cabin in the Woods. This was a very Constantine centric episode as John went on his own this time to help his old friend Richie solving a case at his university. The episode began with a bunch of college students performing a ritual that transports them to an alternate dimension where a serial killer named Jacob Shaw (William Mapother) starts stalking and killing them one by one.

Ritchie was in the midst of studying the possibilities of other planes of existence using Jacob Shaw’s journal. The college students have grabbed a hold of it and used it to see if the ritual works. After knowing the danger of using it, the students are suddenly drawn to Jacob’s world whenever they pass by a mirror. So if they get killed in Jacob’s dimension, then their bodies in the real world are dead while their consciousness are left behind in the other realm.

Meanwhile, John Constantine (Matt Ryan) was found drowning out his sorrows drinking in front of the memory mirror, where we see an image of former Newcastle member Gary Lester (Jonjo O’Neill). No real developments took place during the episode when it came to John and Ritchie’s past relationship. However, their chemistry was spot on as the two former friends were always bickering off each other like two weary souls. John and Richie were the only ones who managed to save this episode with their characters always arguing about their methods of solving problems. Ritchie also managed to save the day after learning the rules of Jacob’s world and using it against him.

This show relies a lot on solving problems that are abnormal in our world using magic, which makes the show enjoyable. However, this episode didn’t make a whole lot of sense, as we didn’t deal with ghosts and demons but rather with alternate dimensions and a serial killer. Manny (Harold Perrineau) could’ve helped out but he hardly did anything except annoying John during intense situations. The episode definitely felt the absence of our other two players Chas and Zed. Nothing really came out of the episode besides John and Ritchie surviving from the other dimension while rescuing one of the students.

Despite having John and Richie tackling an out-of-this-world case, the entire episode was slow and lacked any original content throughout the hour. The whole magical rules of living in an alternate dimension may have lost a lot of viewers and the show would’ve been better off using Richie on another case. While the episodic format was done reasonably well, there was so little attention given to the season-long arc on Earth’s upcoming apocalypse. With only two episodes left, hopefully we return to the Rising Darkness storyline so we can get more answers on this impending danger that has got us invested since the beginning of the season.

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