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TV Review: CONSTANTINE: Season 1, Episode 7: Blessed are the Damned [NBC]

Blessed are the Damned Constantine

NBC’s Constantine Blessed are the Damned TV Show Review. Constantine: Season 1, Episode 7: Blessed are the Damned dealt with the Rising Darkness taking shape during the case of the week involving a preacher who gains the gift of healing after using the feather of an angel. The show has dealt with different kinds of religious magic like voodoo and exorcism but this episode dealt with Constantine’s main focus: the battle between Heaven and Hell.

The start of the episode shows Pastor Zach (Patrick Carroll) trying to tame a snake with his bare hands to in order to make the crowd believe in his divine power. It doesn’t go well as the snake takes a bite out of his hand and Zach drops dead. Zach suddenly gets a red feather in his hand and comes back to life. With the red feather, Zach is able to heal a crippled man and gets his missing leg back. As we all know, magic always comes with a price.

We go onto Zed (Angelica Celaya) who turned out to be in an art class, just like Chas said during the last episode. So while she was drawing a picture of a nude male model, Zed gets a vision of snakes crawling under her and screams, which startles the class. After the session was over, the model asks Zed out on a date and accepts. However, the joke soon goes on her after it’s revealed that the model was only there to keep an eye on her for a mysterious benefactor. Zed has just gotten interesting after this development, but let’s get back to the episode at hand.

Zed gets back to John (Matt Ryan) and tells him about her vision, but John seems to already know since their next trip on Aberdine’s map is in Kentucky. It’s good to see John and Zed working together again after missing her last episode, but now Chas is nowhere in site. John explains that Chas is trying to make good with his daughter, making us wonder if we might meet the offspring of the mysterious Chas. Alas we don’t get the full team during the episode.

Blessed are the Damned was also the episode that gave Manny the angel (Harold Perrineau) more screen time than any other installment this season. It was nice to see that Manny got involved in the case whenever he can once he realized that an angel’s feather has been taken, thus explaining why Zach suddenly had healing abilities. Manny has definitely gone front and center through most of the episode by not being behind-the-scenes every time he comes to observe John. Manny even dared to cross the line in order to save Zed from danger. Plus, the only reason he broke the code of angel law was because Hell has already started to break some rules also.

The feather in Zach’s possession belonged to an angel named Imogen (Megan West) who claimed to have come down in order to bring Zach into Heaven but stopped her after getting a piece of her wings. Now Imogen is stuck on Earth with the missing feather. Another problem emerges because with every person Zach heals with the feather, they soon turn into murderous ghouls. After meeting with Imogen, Manny and John figure out that the ghouls would only stop if the feather were returned to Imogen.

We also get a good interaction between some of our characters. It was interesting when Manny spoke with Imogen on what it was like to feel pain like a human and to be able to feel the sunlight. This indeed shows Manny’s curiosity with humanity as a whole. John and Zed’s conversion delved deep into the matter of religion as Zed finally opens her eyes after seeing an angel up close and we discover her faith in religion. John, who is as cynical as ever, doesn’t believe in it as he sees Zach’s ability has caused danger to loom after seeing a lake filled with dead fish.

However, in an interesting twist, it turns out that Imogen is no ordinary angel but actually a fallen angel who fell from grace after killing a mortal. Imogen revealed that she planted the feather in order to escape onto Earth. John pleads to Manny to save Zed’s life but Manny unfortunately can’t break his vows. Luckily, Manny had a change of heart and kills Imogen be getting her dark heart out of her chest. This should certainly strengthen his trust with John.

Towards the end, Manny tells John that the barrier of Heaven and Hell is thinning. Hopefully we get into more of the Rising Darkness as we are halfway through what’s left of the season. It’s good to know that there is more to Zed than meets the eye but we hoped for a bit more backstory from her. After seeing this episode, Manny has become an important part of the team and the plot as we move forward.

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