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TV Review: DEXTER: Season 7, Episode 10: The Dark… Whatever

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Dexter Season 7 Episode 10 The Dark… Whatever ReviewDexter: Season 7, Episode 10: The Dark… Whatever was reflective on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) on two fronts: his past (his previous killings) and his present (his urge). It was fascinating that the newest person in his life was able to give him one of the great insights into himself that he has ever had. He didn’t even realize that he was fooling himself for years until he explored Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski)’s statement.

The concept of the dark passenger was a good one. It separated Dexter from the killers on TV shows like Law and Order: SVU and many famous killers (with exceptions like Ms. Kerns from Shutter Island). He was forced to face a truth about himself: (Spoiler) he isn’t sick, he is the sickness.

Like the last episode, the segment with Capt. Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) and former Deputy Chief Tom Matthews (Geoff Pierson) was one of this episode’s best aspects. After making a key discovery in their secret investigation, one of them makes an insane decision: (Spoiler) to ask Dexter a few questions instead of: a.) gathering much more evidence, b.) conducting surveillance on Dexter, and c.) looking at when the Bay Harbor Butcher victims disappeared in relation to where Dexter was at those times.

Why show your hand? Why show Dexter that he is a person of interest? Wouldn’t this questioning give him a chance to run? If the person you are questioning has been hidden for this long and works in a police station, wouldn’t they be a expert at lying (and a field specialist in deceit)? Would a person this good give anything away during a friendly, cursory questioning? Whether this is the case or not, it will be entertaining to watch.

Questioning a suspect is standard practice for the police but if your suspect is in fact the perpetrator, wouldn’t they use that questioning to their advantage i.e. “their on to me. Time to go.”? If Dexter ran, there would be no show. What about Harrison? He won’t run.

Regarding the Brotherhood, signs were given in Dexter: Season 7, Episode 9: Helter Skelter that their presence would be wiped out from the show and its seems the show’s writers are moving in that direction. This was by far the most exasperating scenario wrap up in the episode, exceeding the decision to question Dexter instead of gathering concrete evidence first.

Why would George Novikov (Jason Gedrick) tell Nadia (Katia Winter) that he is sending her away to a sex club out of the country instead of: a.) not tell her and then do at the last second, b.) immediately throw her in a car with two body guards and send her out of the country via private jet, c.) take her cell phone away so she can’t call Detective Quinn (Desmond Harrington), d.) have six body guards in his office at all times heavily armed in case Quinn comes back, e.) keep Nadia in a different location until he sends her away, f.) close the club until Nadia is out of the country.

Novikov does none of these common sense things and takes none of these precautions.

I stopped watching True Blood because it became a cartoon but Dexter is worse. True Blood can claim that the show is a dark parody, a macabre comedy. Dexter can not claim that. When simple precautions are not taken by villains on this show it is baffling. Dexter thinks ahead yet no other villain on the show seems capable of the same feat.

Quinn previously stormed into Novikov’s strip club office and threw him through a glass wall. In retribution, Novikov allows Nadia access to a phone (tying her down would have been too difficult) after telling her he is going to send her away. He then stays in the very same strip club office.

Does that make any sense?

If one guy having sex with Nadia disturbed Quinn so badly that he assaulted Novikov, why didn’t Novikov send Nadia to the same hotel he had sex with her in, have fifty guys have sex with her (harsh but it fits with Novikov’s established logic), record it, post it on the internet (entitled: Detective Quinn’s Prostitute Girlfriend), then have Nadia tell Quinn what happened as Novikov stands behind twenty armed men?

Why not mutilate Nadia like in Kill Bill: Volume 2 or Boardwalk Empire for what Quinn did to him?

Why not just kill her? The mob has done that for revenge throughout its entire history.

No. Novikov is so smart that he tells his plan to his victim (classic villain proclivity) then allows that person access to a phone where they can call anyone, including the police. It was like watching a bad James Bond plot point rehashed so lethargically that the viewer sees everything coming.

The situation’s conclusion was so nice and neat the episode’s writers (Lauren Gussis, Jace Richdale, and Scott Reynolds) should be applauded for their ingenuity and depth. (Spoiler) If the brotherhood did not avenge Viktor Baskov’s death, they will not avenge Novikov’s either. The Brotherhood has now been officially wiped completely out of the show with a tidy bow around it.

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  • Sylvia Patton
  • Sam

    This ep sounds much better. At this point all I want is the BHB material

  • darkangel2004

    and about Debra and Dex ? Hannah will go on?

  • darkangel2004

    dexter will become like hannah?

  • I never thought about it in those terms. Perhaps your right.

  • What’s “BHB material”?

  • Your comment was a blank space?

  • Kyle

    How does George die?

  • Bullet.

  • Sam

    really. Bar harbor butcher. BHB u help me I help u

  • Got it. You mean the Capt. Maria LaGuerta investigation. Same here.

  • Sam

    Yeah buddy I just hope whatever happens that something sticks to dexter. No more dex kills the person who knows so now no one else will know bull shit. It’s time for him to pay for his actions. Btw how eps have you seen so far

  • “No more dex kills the person who knows so now no one else will know bull shit.”

    That will happen in the last season of the show, to close it out with a bang. Right now, there is money to be made.

    I have seen every Dexter ep from every season up to this episode.

  • Sam

    A pair of balls should b required if someone wants to become a writer. Unfortunately money trumps everything and it seems thats all that matters. It’s unfortunate. Btw do you see all eps a little early so you can do your reviews. Whatever reason it’s pretty cool

  • Yes, I am able to see the eps early to review them.

  • Engin Yardimci

    Season 7 started pretty well but didn’t live up to the high expectations, The relationship between Dexter and Hannah became boring (to me anyway), they got rid of Louis (and his storyline) quickly and badly, Dexter’s monologues are not as good as they were in the past and Masuka has been given too few (funny) scenes. Some fans go as far as saying that this season is the best of them all. This is bizarre, season 7 is nowhere near as good as Season 1 & 2.. Still, I have some hope for a good season finale and I would like to see Dexter’s dark side exposed to the Miami Metro PD (mostly I wonder Batista and Masuka’s reactions when they will know about it) but what you have given as a spoiler, that is, Laguerta and Matthews deciding to ask Dexter a few questions is pure
    nonsense. The writers probably are going with this route to create a path to Laguerta’s demise, but still, it is stupid.

    Oh, I would prefer Quinn (one of the most jackass characters in the TV history) being killed by the way rather than George!

  • If some people are saying that this season is the best one, they are brain dead. Season 6 was better than this one. The bad guy in that season didn’t even know he was crazy. That was a clever twist.

    This season is bland.

    I have hopes for a good season finale as well.

    “I would like to see Dexter’s dark side exposed to the Miami Metro PD”

    That will happen in the last season of the show. Dexter can’t be on the run yet. THe show’s writers have the status quo to maintain.

    Quinn is an enigma. He continually makes bad decisions. Maybe that is his purpose on the show.

  • Jacob

    This show gets more and more frustrating all the time. This season in particular has just been continually anti-climatic. Louis’s death, then Isaak’s death, now George’s death. Though I had little investment in this Quinn storyline, I had at least hoped it would lead to something bigger, tying it into the main storyline of the season. I don’t know, something like bringing Dexter and Quinn at odds once again? Or at least having Quinn pay some serious consequences for his actions – if Dexter can’t pay just yet, at least throw Quinn under the bus. What would the writers have to lose by doing that? There’s always some deus ex machina that gets every character off the hook scot-free every single time.

  • Dexter and Quinn being at odds is a dead storyline. I doubt it will be resurrected.

    Quinn sank from a dirty cop to a mob flunky this season. On The Shield, that situation was very gritty. Here, its a mere subplot.

  • dexmaniac

    do u think they are going to kill Deb as finale shock,there is so much surrounding it plzz can u tell me anything about it

  • I have no idea. They do not need to do that anyway. What they need is good writing, not the formula. If Deb got killed out of the blue it would be weird. Her death should mean something, be apart of something.

  • Mike

    No. I’m sorry. Season 6 was a complete train-wreck. Only the later half of season 7 (so far) is flawed. I’m not saying the finale will redeem this season entirely… but it certainly can’t stoop to the crap we were handed with Travis and Gellar. That was a twist everyone saw coming from a mile away.

  • I completely agree. Season 6 only happened to make the series last longer. Apart from Deb’s feelings and her discovery of Dexter, it was meaningless. Those things could have happened in season 5.

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