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TV Review: DEXTER: Season 7, Episode 11: Do You See What I See?

Desmond Harrington Dexter Do You See What I See

Dexter Do You See What I See? ReviewDexter: Season 7, Episode 11: Do You See What I See? houses the best surprise of the season so far, an unexpected turn this season sorely needed. The scene in question is better than the Lieutenant Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter)’s “Are you a serial killer?” scene at the beginning of the season.

The viewer never sees it coming and that is its strength. There is no precursor for it at all. Everything is business as usual until the bomb drops. Why can’t the writers of Dexter be this clever all the time? As the credits began rolling at the end of Do You See What I See?, the viewer will still be thinking about the special occurrence that happened.

For the whole episode it was two then three against one then out of left field, this person – left alone – nearly pulls off a master’s checkmate. I wish it had happened but Showtime has at least one more season of Dexter to fill (and there was plenty of evidence left behind). That is how well the writers wrote this particular scene in Do You See What I See?. Only one person could have made that construct. Only one person would use a chainsaw. It was brilliant and ties in with Dexter and his brother’s past. The person who set up Dexter will reach the same conclusions.

The orchestrator of the snare showed how sneaky and duplicitous they were, matching Dexter at his own underhanded game. It was an impressive trick, a Brainiac 5 scheme that will bear fruit even-though the rodent fled the trap.

Captain Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) got into Dexter’s head just from his (the Bay Harbor Butcher’s) past crimes and his family history. She used Dexter against Dexter.

This storyline exposes how superfluous and flimsy all the other storylines were this season. Do You See What I See? finishes two of them off in regular Dexter fashion: nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary (for this show). Perhaps this lack of freshness is a result of being on air for seven seasons.

The “Dear John” relationship ender was lame and the final kiss ending was anti-climatic but pseudo-fitting in a way. Detective Quinn (Desmond Harrington) got his comeuppance. It wasn’t as drastic as Strike Team leader Vic Mackey’s comeuppance on The Shield (more’s the pity) but it was ironic. Quinn threw away his integrity and became a murder for Nadia (Katia Winter) and all he ends up with is a letter. It was pathetic, perfect, and tidy. The last vestige of the Brotherhood has been mucked out of the show, like the couch in a champagne room after an aggressive yet unfulfilling lap dance. This relationship was always doomed, not because of the people involved but because of the show they were on. Nadia was never going to be added to the cast as Quinn’s girlfriend in season 8 of Dexter. This isn’t Babylon 5 where numerous new characters are introduced and then carried over into subsequent seasons of the show. This is a show where the lead actors command high salaries and the remaining budget is for returning cast members and guest stars. Period.

The end of the other relationship in Do You See What I See? was predictable as well. The amelioratory difference with Rita’s final scene was: a.) it was surprising and b.) it added to the show. Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski)’s was functional: Hannah had served her purpose this season and it was time for her to go. One question: How foolish was it for a poisoner to try to trick a crime scene and murder expert? That’s like an arsonist trying to pull-one-over on a firefighter investigator. Hannah lauded her killer skill at Dexter earlier in the episode but what professional killer leaves their death instrument at the scene of the crime? Dexter doesn’t. He even takes the crime scene with him. This is who Hannah tried to trick (the writers made her do it to end her storyline).

It was the height of hubris and oh so convenient.

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  • Harry

    So I take it Hannah gets axed, by that last paragraph?

  • John

    Did Dexter kill her? or was it Deb?

  • dexmaniac

    So dexter kills hannah and laguerta sets dexter in a trap by releasing estrada but at the last moment dexter flees and leaving the evidence to see…wow great episode 🙂

  • dexmaniac

    Are you saying that there is another person other than laguerta and mathews set up the trap and is after dexter, wow if that happens then it is the most unexpected twist. :)))

  • AM

    Masuka’s been super inquisitive this season; he’s noticed the most minute details. I’m wondering if he is the one that “nearly pulls off a master’s checkmate.”

  • JennyS

    Maybe Hannah isn’t killed, but arrested instead. There were casting snippets back in September about a judge, attorney, and bailiff being cast, plus the “Arlene” character is supposedly in episode 11 and 12. If so, Hannah could be arrested at the end of 11 and on trial in episode 12.

  • jkrishan only knows what happens.

  • JennyS

    Prediction: Hannah commits suicide by poisoning herself.

  • Lol.

  • The episode was average but one particular scene (the one noted) was great.

  • JennyS

    Does Hannah die in the episode?

  • JennyS

    In his review of episode 9, he explicitly stated that George shot and killed Isaak with one bullet. But he didn’t say if Hannah dies or not.

  • anny moser

    dex will not kill hannah , cuz is almost the same thing with lila

  • anny moser


    “Rita’s final scene was”

    so, dex just will found her dead body

  • phnxgrl

    Move your mouse into the upper right hand corner in your post. There is a pull down menu on it you can select delete.

  • phnxgrl

    I doubt it but arrested over poisoning Deb possibly.

  • anny moser

    estrada will help dex?

  • JennyS

    Yeah that’s what I think happens too. But maybe she will kill herself in the finale.The fact that Arlene is listed for episode 12 makes me hopeful that Hannah is arrested in 11 and on trial in 12.

  • disqus_7gpDY9qHlR

    How can there be a review of an episode that hasn’t aired yet? Episode 11 is supposed to air this sunday – Dec 8th.

  • Hada

    This review makes me very happy. It seems like things will get back on track.

  • anny moser

    me too!!

  • I get to see the episodes early as a TV critic.

  • Anon

    It’s certainly possible . But if she is arrested , all she has to do is give up what she knows about Dexter . Same as she did with Wayne for some kind of immunity . Dexter couldn’t afford that to happen . I’m guessing he kills her either way . In ep 11 and makes it look like she skipped town or in ep 12 he gets her out of jail somehow and does it then . After attempting to kill Deb , Dexter is not going to let her still be able to breathe . But then you have the finale that’s going to focus on Laquerta on the verge of exposing Dexter . So maybe there is too much going on for Hannah to present in the ep .

  • anny moser

    the scene into dex and deb in the hospital is emotional or dex still just show the feelings for Hannah???

  • anny moser

    yes, because she could be to prison and for dex dont belive in her

  • JennyS

    Jkrishan from imdb has confirmed that Hannah is alive at the end of episode 11, so she’s likely going to be arrested. He also said that Hannah or Deb will say “you should have killed me” to Dexter. I’m betting on Hannah who is going to cause some serious problems for Dexter and Deb in the finale. She’s probably going to get immunity for testifying against Dexter.

  • anny moser

    Jkrishan from imdb has confirmed that Hannah is alive at the end of episode 11

    really? so, dex just break up with her?

  • Dec 9th I can’t wait to see this episode 🙂

  • JennyS

    I think she is going to get arrested, and possibly even turn on Dexter.

  • disqus_7gpDY9qHlR

    Okay good. I was just worried I missed an episode or something.

  • Aaron

    Sounds more like Hannah tried to kill Dex, but Dex turned the tables on her.

  • anny moser

    the show will be over if dex go to jail!

  • robert goulet

    can you post episode on pirate bay so we could all see it?

  • TJ

    I bet Angel sets the trap. He’s a smart cop, Deb made him suspicious, and his sister might have described some suspicious things.

  • No. I can not.

  • dexmaniac

    he never said anything like that

  • anny moser

    hannah really loved dexter or was just fake ?

  • anny moser

    the scene into dex and deb in the hospital is emotional or dex still just show the feelings for Hannah???

  • JennyS

    He did say she is going to be alive at the end of the episode. The rest is speculation on my part.

  • anny moser

    hannah could try kill debra in miami metro but quinn will drink the poison

  • wow, you’re not even subtle about it…

  • robert goulet

    well I downloaded like 3 virues because i read this review and im desparte too see it now

  • Get a Mac. No viruses.

  • anny moser

    The end of the other relationship

    but her character is out, isnt? i know, she is alive but her storyline ends?

  • Matthews and LaGuerta follow false evidence laid out by Deb (since Dexter felt like he was being followed) that leads to a boat and hidden killing tools with Doake’s prints. Matthews tells LaGuerta to drop the case now that the evidence is sound.

    Deb follows up on the tip Hannah’s father left about the woman who knows about Hannah’s murder at the halfway house. The woman becomes spooked and meets with Hannah and says she told Deb nothing.

    Deb has an accident and ends up in the hospital. She passes out while driving and crashes into a tree.

    Dexter is unsure whether Deb took too much anti-anxiety medicine or if Hannah had a hand in it. Both women say they aren’t guilty. Hannah says she’s good at what she does, if she wanted Deb dead, she would be.

    Dexter visits Deb’s house and finds a single piece of blonde hair. It’s not enough for him so he visits Deb’s wrecked car at the garage. There he finds a water bottle which is saturated 40% with Deb’s medicine. It’s enough for him to believe that Hannah tried to kill Deb.

    Dexter sets a meet with his mother’s murderer (god I can’t remember his name) at a cargo dock at night. Dexter takes him into a cargo container (just like they did with his mother) and straps him to the table. During the struggle to knock him out a gunshot goes off.

    Dexter reveals who he is to the victim. Upon waking up the victim tells Dexter how “some b****” tried to speed up his parole for an unknown reason. He believes it was so the police could kill him. Dexter freaks out and cuts the victim free and they make their way out of the shipping container.

    LaGuerta shows up to the scene and a cop says they heard a gunshot and lost track of their tail of Dexter’s Victim. All they know is he walked into the area. LaGuerta and the cop move towards the shipping container and they hear a chainsaw. They open the container to find it wrapped in plastic and a chainsaw buzzing on the table.

    Dexter and his victim are skulking through the docks avoiding police. The victim jumps into the water and gets away from Dexter. Dexter soon after escapes. LaGuerta is now 100% sure the Bay Harbor Butcher is alive and certain it is Dexter.

    Instead of bringing Hannah to the table, Dexter hands over Sal Price’s pen with the drug on the tip to Deb as a Christmas present. The episode ends with Dexter walking into Hannah’s garden and saying he’s sorry. The police are right behind him and there to arrest Hannah for the murder of Sal Price. Hannah tells Dexter “you should’ve killed me” as she is taken away by the police.

  • Dude why did you delete my comment? People who come here are already curious and want to learn about what will happen in advance. They will not be spoiled. And don’t worry, I am working in Showtime and in fact can tell you what will happen next week if you want.

  • anny moser

    I want know everything about the show cuz the idea :> dex hurt or in jail make me nervours, i dont like the suspense,,so, my email is [email protected] please

  • anny moser
  • pattiebest

    Please do, even if you have to write to me! I already do talk to someone ‘in the know’ but sometimes they leave things out – so – I hate to post my email here, but if you answer me here, I can tell you how to find me? Would that work for you? Thanks, and I agree, spoilers aren’t spoilers to me!

  • I’m 100% sure Deb poisoned herself.

    Hannah’s not an amateur. Overloading Deb’s water bottle with anxiety meds is a terrible idea. Forget the fact that it leaves evidence behind, forget the fact that car accidents are rarely fatal and Deb would most likely survive and be suspicious… How would Deb not notice that her water bottle had been tampered with?

    Deb said it herself: She will do ‘whatever it takes’ to keep Hannah and Dexter apart. She also follows this up by saying “hey, thanks for stopping by” and looking shifty.

    Hannah, who is not a cop, met with Arlene once and concluded that she was too much of a mess to testify. Deb, who is a cop, must have reached the same conclusion and realized that Arlene was useless as a witness. Deb gambled that Dexter would chose her over Hannah, and she won… For now. Honestly I like Hannah more than Deb right now, so I’m pulling for the poisoner 😛

  • I won’t mind Hannah staying around as well but I do not think that is in the cards. Its not the character, its the writers on the show. How many guest stars have been carried over into the next season? Very few if any.

    Deb poisoning herself: great plot twist but Deb does not have the brains for a maneuver like that.

  • dexmaniac

    Plzz can u post the review of finale…i am waiting like a dog for the biscuit:))))))))))))

  • It will be up soon.

  • anny moser

    you said “Hannah storyline ends” and she is in 7×12!! she need to die

  • anny moser

    Deb is amazing not a manipulative liar like Hannah,,,I want Hannah to die in 7×12…but tell me, I think Dex still love her in 7×12..

  • I didn’t know she would be in 7×12.

  • The reason Dexter didn’t kill her was because of his feelings for her. I do not know what happens in 7×12 yet. Soon.

  • Sam

    Have you gotten to see the finale of season 7 yet?

  • when do you post your review of the finale?

  • Jkirsch2

    No finale review? They stiff ya on the final episode?? Imdb guy gave his review today..

  • When is the ETA for the spoilers on the finale? Or you can just tell me if Deb is still alive –thats all i am worried about.

  • neil

    Come on, they’d never kill off Deb. At least not until the last season.

  • marilia

    please, the finale, her ir in my email

  • marilia

    thanks:) Yes, I know he loves Hannah, but I was waiting for a villain girl and looks she loves him too.I love Deb ..

  • marilia

    amazing,,,i need spoilers

  • marilia

    i need to know about dexter ‘s safe in 7x 12, if he will be free and not in jail

  • and about 7×12?

  • Guest

    So. You guys really dropped the ball on releasing an early 7×12 review.

  • dexmaniac

    haha….already saw the episode and it’s been really emotional ending :(((((

  • But was it a good ending?

  • dexmaniac

    yes i think so, the show is all about dex and deb and how their tragic story moves, i think either they both survive or both going to die in the next season, you can see the irony that dexter had to kill his brother for saving deb and it comes to full circle with deb killing laguerta for dexter’s sake, i think they are building up epic tragic love story between both dex and deb

  • You may be right about the tragic love story between them but I think the tragic love story in Homeland is far more compelling: terrorist and CIA agent.

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